Year In Review|2015

This is always one of the hardest posts simply because I can never choose just ONE favorite image from each Wedding. This is always the most enjoyable post because I get to relive each Wedding Day; remember each couple and the fun we had together. How different each love story was, how unique each Wedding Day was, how much JOY there was.  Lastly, this is always the most rewarding post for us. To reflect on these significant moments we were chosen to capture. We were CHOSEN by these beautiful couples and families. We were trusted with their love.  We will forever treasure these people that opened up their hearts and welcomed us in to their lives and their most precious days. We witnessed so many smiles, so many happy tears, so much laughter and so much hope for the future. We had quite a few 'pinch me' moments and quite a few learning experiences and will forever be thankful for these opportunities! We had Wedding days where the rain never ceased. We had days that were bitter cold and days that were sweat drippingly hot. We had days where more than a few things went 'wrong' but you know what; every Wedding Day was still perfect. We had the perfect line-up of 20 Weddings, scheduled weekends off, family time, Birthdays celebrated. Most importantly; my husband (who still works a full time job) was happy with me and our 'workload' and Wedding line up so I consider that a win win! We've found our dream bride and grooms and have hit the jackpot! We love love love you guys!! You will always be a permanent memory and share a place in our hearts! Thank you 2015 Macon Family!

Favorite Portraits|2015



















Favorite #maconmoments  The tears, the laughter, the real moments; That's what I love. |Which apparently I feel are typically better in black+white haha|



































 Test Shots and Lighting Checks |yikes!|











 We are so thankful for this beautiful journey we're on and we're eager to welcome you to our 2016-1017 Wedding Family! So excited for the NEW YEAR, new smiles and new LOVE stories and legacies!!

xoxo, The Macons