Woman's Club of Portsmouth|Wedding|Katie+Barrett

So, we had a Wedding in January and it was a beautiful tease but this bad boy was the actual kick off to busy Wedding Season! It was a gorgeous way to start 2016! I hope through these pictures you see that Katie and Barrett's relationship is built on love and laughter. They don't take each other too seriously. They're fun loving, joyful and a blast to be around.  I'm pretty sure Barrett's sole purpose in life is to make Katie laugh//he's a successful, lucky man. Katie is stunning; a classic, natural beauty.  It comes effortlessly and so does her kind and genuine nature. Barrett is handsome, hilarious and humble. I also hear he sacrifices his life every day and protects and serves this community and there are quite a few people that are pretty darn proud of him. I loved the muted tones of greenery, the blush pinks. I loved the classic Cigar Bar and the Duck Donuts. I loved that it down-poured the whole day and stopped right before they shared their 'I do's'. I loved the bond Katie shared with her sisters and friends//how REAL they were with each other. I loved the amount of rap songs they knew all the words to. Most of all I loved that they allowed us to be a part of their special day and I'm sad it's over! We love you guys and congrats!!