Woman's Club of Portsmouth Wedding|Josh+Ashley

I'm so thankful for my clients turned friends. Ashley texted me telling me to take my time with her pictures; that she knew I was swamped//to enjoy the Holidays. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have such kind and thoughtful people to work with. We've had a family member in town from Florida staying with us, we have two babies, we have busy Wedding/Holiday season still in full swing--life can get hectic and getting things edited in time can become stressful so I'd first like to give a HUGE thank you to this kind soul, Ashley, for being real.  YOU my dear, are a true blessing. BUT, it's a fine time to share your beautiful Wedding, my dears! Coincidentally; their perfect day was rainy, dreary out--much like today's forecast. I know they were a tad bummed considering they had to move their ceremony inside and feared they wouldn't get the portraits they'd hoped and planned for. Regardless, there was nothing but happy tears and smiles because THIS day had arrived. Everything was beautiful from the florals (thanks to Amy of Style By Design )  to the gorgeous, heartfelt ceremony (when a groom gets teary eyed, so do I). There was a trickle of Fall throughout the day and sweet personal touches; for example, Ashley's love of Owls was brought in by feathers here and there (so fun and different).

Despite the rain and mud, Ashley kicked her shoes off and headed outside. She was determined to get her pictures and we were determined to give them to her! Talk about the best sports ever! I love their attitudes, I love their love for life and I loved their day! These two have been together for years and I can't think of a sweeter, more deserving couple for this perfect, happily ever after!  Love ya'll!