The Bling!

2014 has come to an end and as I reflect on the past Wedding season, I can't help but be drawn back to the 'bling'! Everyone knows I love a ring shot--whether it's simple and clean or adorned with pearls or set in a bed of fresh flowers, they're my jam! Brian always hates when I come home from an engagement session or I pull him over at a Wedding and say 'ohhh check out this ring!!!" I adore mine, geeze boys can be so sensitive ;) To me, it's not about the size or the glitz and glam, it's the fact that it's a reflection of the girl--each ring is different! Different shapes and sizes, silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, vintage or classic. Some are passed down from family members, some are created from various pieces of jewelry and are truly one of a kind--they're all so unique and special! Most importantly, the love of your life took it upon himself to choose something rare and beautiful. He  put his heart and soul in to picking something that he felt was perfect for his bride to be, one of kind, like their love--that's what it's all about. Quick tip for Brides! I always let my girls know, be sure to have your grooms band as well as yours on hand for ring shots when your photographer arrives (along with all of your other goodies/details--ex: shoes, garter, perfume etc.) It's always great to be able to get that shot taken care of along with all of the other 'details' and 'getting ready' pictures--a lot of times there's better daylight (and pictures match and flow better for album design, that's how we think ;) ) versus trying to grab them and hassle you for them at the reception (when it's dark) while you're trying to enjoy your night! (though to be honest, sometimes I snag them again to incorporate your reception details aaaand I'm obsessed with ring shots ;) )

Here's a review of ring shots over the past year!