Suffolk Wedding|Brittany+Nick

I went to High School with these two lovebirds and let's just say as usual//I was honored and blown away when they contacted me to capture their special day! If anyone who knows me takes one look at these pictures they will know, it was my dream come true Wedding Day! Pumpkins and mums, hay bale seating draped in handmade quilts, a wooden arbor, bonfire and s'mores and need I say again...pumpkins ya'll, everywhere!! I was in heaven. It was truly the most beautiful day and it was so fun to see these people I grew up with share in so much love. Nick couldn't take his eyes off of Brittany and it just touches my heart knowing that after all these years//and by all these years I quite literally mean, they've known each other their entire lives//and he just adores her. Not many people can say that; to grow up together and now they get to grow old together, it's quite lovely.  Thank you thank you for showing us the best time, for being so wonderful to work with (Brittany is not a fan of pictures but she was wonderful despite that minor detail ;) ) You made my dreams of the perfect Falllll Wedding come true!! Love ya'll!!