These two stunning sweethearts had a gorgeous Wedding day! My favorite delicate peonies, touches of navy and neutrals and just the right amount of sparkle ;) We started the day laughing in a well lit room listening to the waves crashing below. Raven shared a 'first look' with Jordan after keeping him waiting juuuuust a little bit :) But that beaming smile let us all know she was of course, well worth the wait! After fun portraits we headed to Marina Shores for the perfect ceremony in front of family and friends that traveled from all over to be a witness to this beauty. Seeing the emotion on Raven's father's face as he gave her away and again during their 'father/daughter' dance still brings tears to my eyes! These two were surrounded by such love, such a fun group of people and they knew how to embrace the day and have the best time. They've been together for years and years; through school, travels, moves and new career paths and I'm so honored to have been witness to their adoration towards each other and the solidifying of their love through marriage! Thank you all so much for welcoming us in to your fun and family and allowing us to share in this most special day!!

































































































The Macons