To begin, this family is extremely near and dear to my heart. It's safe to say I love all of my clients and am so very thankful for each and every person I work with--but I've had the honor and pleasure of working with these sweet people multiple times and have simply fallen in love. They're so kind, genuine and close--traits I not only admire but can relate to with my own family.  Brian and I captured Meagan's sisters Wedding, Katie,  when we first embarked on this dream journey of ours.  They trusted us when we were first starting out and more importantly, they came back for more :)  I've even had the honor of photographing the amazing delivery of their perfect boy; emotions I will never forget! So when Meagan contacted me from the beginning and said, 'I have to have you guys!' I was not only humbled, but thrilled!! The day started calmly, happy chatter amongst the girls, baby lovin', and running slightly behind schedule, of course (it wouldn't be a Wedding Day if everything was on time ;) ) . She kept saying, Steven's going to kill me!  When Meagan stepped in to that dress she was just a vision. She literally radiates beauty and to add to her good looks, she's just the sweetest thing ever.  I think Steven found her slight tardiness forgivable at first sight ;)  Her proud Momma walked her down the aisle to the love of her life and all was perfect. We had to tuck away during the ceremony and avoid the use of flash for the most part- but their kiss and the smile on her face following their 'I do's' was priceless!

Following the Ceremony we headed to Cypress Point Country Club where their Reception was held--Jamie of Jamie Leigh Events did a phenomenal job with the florals, table decor and design! We headed straight in to portraits--did I mention it was unusually HOT for an October day?! Everyone was melting but the golf course was beautiful, those pictures were worth it and the whole Wedding Party was awesome! (Brian and I actually went to school with several of them; it's crazy the people we run in to at Weddings and how small this world is!) To kick off the Reception; the dances--let's rewind back to Meagan's proud, strong and amazing mother. I knew the waterworks would come for me as they did for Katie's Wedding as well...they lost their Father way too early in life and this woman has picked up the pieces and continued to raise three phenomenal, beautiful daughters. Her husband would be so proud, their Father would be so proud at the women they've become. She danced with her little girl in his absence.  I asked Meagan if it would be okay if I mentioned him because he's so clearly played such a huge role in their lives and continues to do so. She said she was born on his Birthday so she always called herself the best Birthday gift--I know I can't think of a better one. She said she wishes more than anything, that he had the chance to meet Steven--he would've loved him as much as she does for sure. My favorite; he cried at Christmas for every present he opened, even the socks, so on this perfect Wedding Day where his baby girl married the man of her dreams-- he would've been a blubbering and blissful mess.  The day was filled with happy tears and remembrances and with nightfall came crazy dance moves and photobooth fun! (we supplied the photobooth for this occasion so there are a few fun snapshots towards the end ;) )

Moral of this lengthy blog post--It was a GORGEOUS WEDDING! I'm so very thankful for the people I have met through this passion of mine. They have touched my lives far more than I will ever be able to touch there's. To be chosen for these moments and for these moments to carry on, is everything to me. Meagan and Steven are such beautiful people and I'm so happy they have found each other and we wish them a lifetime of happiness, health and lots of babies!!! (Meagan already has the itch :) ) Love you all so much!!




 You're breathtakinggg Meagan!!!




aaand this is where the tears started from me, the day didn't stand a chance.










 Handpainted signs by my favorite Aunt of Tidal Bay Collections!






 A favorite!





 This is what a Pinterest Fail looks like folks ;) 'they make it look so easy!'













































 Ahhh favorite! Canvas please :)






















 Yep, love these guys :)