Busy season is officially here and I couldn't have asked for a better way to start it off! Mallory and John are perfect together.  They're fun loving, laid back, care free and the point of their day was to have a blast--as it should be!  The man who married them was one of the best I've ever heard--he truly took time to share their story; their true personalities were brought to life in his words. Their ceremony was filled with laughter and love and I learned a great deal about them, they're quirkiness as a couple outshines many ;) Now, herding John's groomsmen was a challenge in itself (a fun experience I mostly left up to Brian ;) ) they joked he had half of Virginia Beach in his Wedding Party but ya know--when it came to the speeches following cake cutting, every man wanted to stand up and express how much John (and Mallory) meant to them. Most of them have had the pleasure of growing up together and remaining friends through out all the obstacles life can throw.  The moral of each speech came down to the fact that John would do anything for anyone--he's just a stand up guy. I think that says so much about a couple and about a relationship. When you have so many people that stand behind you, love and support you in all that you do.

A first for me was Mallory chose her mother to be her Maid of Honor! Now often times that's the case with the Groom and Father, but for some reason I've never seen the mother/daughter aspect and it was beautiful! Her mother stood with pride--knowing she'd succeeded as a parent and standing by her daughters side was the ultimate gift and reward. I love Weddings!!!

As we strolled back from taking a few couples portraits with the last of the setting sun, Mallory said 'sooo can you be our photographer for life?!' and John chimed in saying, 'Yeah I mean if we have to be stuck with someone, it might as well be you guys' --sweeping me off my feet over here haha, I love you too ;)

Beautiful ceremony, gorgeous bouquets and florals, a super fun reception and the best group of people! Perfect Wedding!!  (As always, we love working at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club with such wonderful staff and friends!)


















































 The girl we love ;)