Lesner Inn Wedding|Emily+'Fuzzy'

Such a beautiful day! It was an unusually cold day for April but the sun was shining and Emily was giddy when we arrived for the start of their Wedding Day! Finishing touches of hair and make up and all smiles. The guys, a rambunctious group, cracking jokes and giving 'Fuzzy' a run for his money as they got ready. Personalized flasks gifted out, helping with ties and nervous excitement. I had the honor of capturing their engagement photos not too long before their big day; I learned of two things: They have the most gorgeous daughter and I couldn't wait for her to share in this oh so special day with her parents whom adore her.  I was also warned ahead of time that Fuzzy isn't a fan of pictures; no biggie--I've run out of fingers to count how many times I've heard that now. Needless to say, he let me sneak a few in ;)

We hunted for shade for group photos and hurried back to the Lesner Inn in prep for their 'I do's! Sweet vows, tears, a beautiful sand ceremony involving their little girl and ending in prayer over the newly joined couple//perfection. So much laughter filled the day and mannn did their friends celebrate their love and union. The dance floor stayed packed (thanks to our friends of Atlantic Digital Entertainment ) until last call and they had a sparkler send off that went off without a hitch! (and by hitch I mean, sparklers mixed with alcohol cannn be tricky I've learned ;) I must really rethink my big hair do's as I walk through the line of fire)

We had the best time and I'm so thankful these THREE allowed us to share in their most special day!! Gold glitter galore, stunning florals, floor length bridesmaids dresses, a Wedding dress with pocketsss and Kate Spade heels. Emily, you are so gorgeous and such a joy. Fuzzy, you're a trip and your love for Emily and your family is beautiful to witness. Best of luck in life and love, always!

Side note: It muuuust be added; for the first time in 5 years of Wedding Photography I witnessed my first dive in to the water from a Groomsmen! Freeeezing water temps, wind whipping, suit and all. Emily's veil flew in to the water after her very first portrait as husband+wife. Next thing I know homeboy is jumping from the open window of the restaurant; diving in after it! He remained in the suit the rest of the night, all the I can't even's.

Special thanks to Jessica Ryan Photography for second shooting with me while my husband slaved away for the man ;)









































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