After meeting and working with these two for their engagements, I couldn't wait for their Wedding! The Wedding took place at the breathtaking Trump Winery in Charlottesville, a photographers dream!  A remodeled Barn,  the perfect amount of rustic mixed with chic, sprawling land, amazing weather and a beautiful Bride and Groom! Now let me say that again; Kristen is stunning!  She's just one of those natural beauties, she doesn't even have to try--and when she put that dress on, wowzers! Have no fear though, that groom of hers is that Gerard Butler look alike I was telling you about ;) Now Kristen and Christopher decided they preferred to do a 'first look', I was thrilled--they shared their special moment together and from there we were able to wander the beautiful venue and fully appreciate this great place that they had chosen--with pictures! Everything was so very relaxed and these two made my 'job' a breeze.  So in love and so so beautiful, these two. They finished with pictures, had time to freshen up and take it all in before saying their sweet 'I dos' under the enchanting weeping willow. With nightfall came the perfect crispness to the air and dancing took over--everything about their day was wonderful!

Just to give an insight into Kristen, not only is she gorgeous but she's a sweetheart as well--there she was on her Wedding day helping others 'break down' the centerpieces at the end of the night. She's a do-er and a giver and I'm so lucky to have met this wonderful girl and I'm so thankful I was chosen to be a part of this special time in their lives! Christopher was teasing me when we were giving our hugs and our goodbye's saying he had 'to beg me to shoot his Wedding'--a joke, yes, but it did take a lot of planning to ensure that we could pull this weekend off with the traveling, arranging my amazing second shooter, Zoe Grant (who had a Wedding an additional 2 hours away from Charlottesville the next day) and making it back in time to shoot my second Wedding of the Weekend Saturday. I've never been happier with a decision made. A dream Venue to match a dream couple. Thank you both for having faith in us, we love you guys!!! Again, a huge thank you to Zoe for second shooting this fabulous Wedding with me and making it possible!






 Seriously Kristen, you're GORGEOUS!!!




 Below is Zoe's view, love that ear to ear grin seeing her for the first time   :)

 My view of that beauty showing off that perfect fitting gown!









 The next two are so similar but I just couldn't choose so you get them both :) such pure and adoring love in those eyes!



 I was so stoked when the sun peeked out allowing me to get a few shots with those white, happy clouds!
























Those perfect yellow flowers were sent to me, I know it :) It took everything in my power to not bribe her to hop the fence ;)








 A simplistic favorite.











 Zoe having some fun with the boys!






















 Gahh that view!












 Gimme that ring, Kristen!











 I love that she danced with BOTH of her Dads!