Let me start by saying, I love the nontraditional. I think that these two beauties went about everything in the perfect way--the FUN way and the way that suited them, as a couple.  Everything about the way they 'met' and fell in love was less than traditional so it was only fitting to follow suit for their Wedding day! They met through mutual friends, yet they lived 1,200 miles apart, both attending different colleges.  After hours of phone calls, skype dates, texts and thousands of dollars spent in cell phone bills--Jen decided to take a leap of faith. She hopped on a plane and after 7 hours of travel, 2 layovers, she said she laid eyes on the man she knew she would marry.  After all that travel, she was only in Virginia for 6 hours before having to make the trek back but she said every second of it was worth it! That visit was life changing for both of them and the rest is history! They both live in Minnesota now, but they wanted to share their 'I do's' in Virginia, where it all began, where they fell in love. Jen planned everything from a distance (including booking us, but I knew I loved her from the start--and smallest of worlds, as usual--turns out I knew her fiance and groomsmen from my ODU days; they all played baseball and I cheered!) They decided to book a gorgeous house in Sandbridge, have a relaxing, fun week and get married on a Tuesday, of all days!

A few of my favorite things from the day: everyone was relaxed and happy, first and foremost. Jen transformed her mothers Wedding dress in to her dream gown and she looked like a Greek Goddess! She also used the lace and tulle from her mom's dress to create all the bouquets and boutonnieres--love love! She made each and every sign and table accent and hauled it from Minnesota, everything was from the heart, personal and perfect! Jen continuously claimed to be awkward but I swear she was stunning in every way and her carefree zest for life shined the entire day. I constantly caught David just watching her, smiling at her with such adoration and love, it seriously melted my heart.

After a sweet and simple ceremony we had picture time followed by dancing, laughing and jello shots! Now, everything isn't always 'perfect', there's always a chance for 'hiccups'--they had issues with their Catering and the hired bartender didn't show up but they never let it get to them. They laughed about it and rolled with the punches. Family friends were happy to tend bar and pizza was even ordered towards the end of the night--I could not love it more. Weddings are supposed to be about LOVE not a big show or production--this day was just that, all love and beauty. You'll even see towards the end of the evening, Jen ditched her Wedding dress for her tank top and tennis shoes; she was ready to get dowwwwn and have a blast! At one point I believe they broke out 'flip cup'?!  I love this job. We were contracted until 8:00 and departed shortly after--I can guarantee these guys were partying well in to the night, take that, Tuesday! Love you guys and LOVED spending the day with you!!  Thanks for being a true testament to genuine love!

Special thanks to Cynthia Tenney of Cynthia Tenney Photography for being a wonderful friend and second shooting with me! Special thanks to our favorite DJ's of Atlantic Digital Entertainment for always making our nights more fun--love you all!































































































 Yep, flip cup ensued and that's my bride carrying a table, haha!