I love all my bride and grooms, that goes without saying! But sometimes, there are special circumstances--this family, is just that. I will always hold them all near and dear. I've had the honor of growing with them over the years and I couldn't love them more! It started with engagements, boudoir, bridals, Wedding Day, Anniversary/maternities with Christen's fabulous sister, Lindsey which led me to engagements, bridals and Wedding for Christen and TJ. I could pinch myself when I think of how lucky I am to be a part of someones most precious life moments. To literally grow with someones family, it's unreal! Needless to say, we were certainly looking forward to this day. As we left our house and headed to the beach, the clouds rolled in and the skies let loose. I just knew it would ease up; that we would luck out, we always did! That was not this case on this most precious day and it truly broke my heart. When you want so badly for your friends to have the Wedding of their dreams--and the pictures of their dreams, it's crushing to your heart and soul! We just kept our positive attitudes and checked the weather every second we got. It was a mass of red and green just hovering over us, going nowhere fast. The 'first look' we had planned was cancelled but as it turns out, TJ decided that was perfect because he wanted to wait to see his beaming bride as she came down the aisle for the first time.

Christen shared a tearful first look with her sweetest daddy, father of 3 girls. She then held hands with just a door separating her from her future husband right before their ceremony began. TJ's dad was responsible for 'marrying' them and I can't think of anything more sentimental or special! It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony held under the awning of The Water Table; to the pitter patter of rain drops.

Christen said, this day has been so great, I don't even care that it's rained the whole day! Now, on this day, I could've learned a thing or two from her. I was so concerned with her getting the pictures I 'hoped' she'd have that I was missing the point--they were married! They were happy! They had so much love surrounding them! Her carefree attitude even led her outside for portraits right before nightfall. It was our last chance and she went for it, even as the wind whipped and the rain poured. She ditched the umbrella two minutes in and said it was so refreshing to be out. That's love and true happiness ya'll! I know for a fact that these two have the brightest futures ahead--they don't let a single thing dampen their mood. I'm so grateful to have been welcomed in to this family and shared in so many treasured moments. As happy as I am for the quick rainy portraits, I'm still hoping I can convince them to dress back up for a 'day after' shoot ;) Love you guys!