These two beauties were married at the Alumni House in Williamsburg on a gorgeous sunshine filled day!  This venue has special meaning to them as they both share extreme love and pride for their school, William&Mary! I loved how relaxed Carolyn was, just eager to marry the love of her life! A glass of wine in hand, sharing some special time with her mom and sister before she stepped into her stunning vintage dress covered in lace and beading. Carolyn and Josh arranged for a 'first look' (yay!) and it went wonderfully! He was in awe of the woman he was about to marry and I loved every minute of it! We knocked out a majority of their pictures just as guests began to arrive--grab fresh lemonades, write well wishes and enjoy a few games of cornhole.

I loved their ceremony because their best friend had the honor of marrying them! He got ordained for this monumental occasion and he did such a wonderful job! (Our best friend did the same for our Wedding and I rarely see it-- I always find it to be so special!!)

Their reception 'tent' had an opening in the center for the stars to shine down on everyone as they danced the night away, it was beautiful! Everything went so smoothly and it was an absolutely perfect day! These two are so clearly made for each other and I'm so thankful I was able to enjoy this day with them!