I never really know where to begin when starting with these Wedding blog posts--I never want to be repetitive so I guess I'll just have to start by saying Brian and I are incredibly lucky--because so often we're blessed with a wonderful couple that we've fallen in love with and it's safe to say, this couple is no different. Brittany and Brett have got to be one of the most carefree, laid back couples I've ever met. Brett has a smile that lights up a room; a smile that never fades when he's around Brittany. Brittany is such a natural beauty--she's not a girl that wanted to fuss over hair and make-up, she didn't want to be 'over-done', she wanted to be herself! Brittany was a vision in her dress and couldn't wait to see her dad for the first time--so we arranged the sweetest 'first look' with him of course :) She laughed, knowing he's in no way an emotional man so those fresh tears and nerves were a true sign of his extreme love and devotion to his little girl--he was struggling a little bit and it was absolutely beautiful :)  (I'm personally the biggest daddy's girl so this is always my favorite part of the day, I love a good daddy-daughter first look!!)

The ceremony as well as the reception took place on a great friends personal property--everything was stunning! They were married in front of a beautiful gazebo by the water under a bright blue sky surrounded by loved ones. There was a storm off in the distance brought on by the warmth of the day but the rain never came, everything was perfect!

They had the best Wedding party--so lively and fun, making pictures such a breeze so that's where we spent most of our time for portraits! It's always so wonderful seeing such strong relationships and foundations built with friends over the years--it needs to be captured (they were chosen for a reason!) Brett was such a great sport when it came to pictures but he also wanted to party--dance, dance, dance he kept saying! So after finishing up in a happy field of sunflowers as the sun beat down, I decided to let him get that dance party started ;)

Such a fun reception followed and I know we, along with many others, didn't want the party to end! Brittany and Brett are truly such wonderful people. Kind, loving, genuine souls (with an outrageous amount of school (college) spirit! Brian and I had the best time getting to share in their day and nothing beats feeling like old friends as you get a good squeeze goodbye. Thank you for making it a day we'll never forget, we love you guys!