Barren Ridge Vineyards Wedding|Jaclyn+Nate

Jaclyn is this little beauty, full of happiness that shines bright. Nathan is one of those 'shy initially, life of the party later' kind of guys. He was truly such an amazing sport; so kind, so willing and so 'go with the flow'. We made the drive to Waynesboro, VA that morning for their beautiful church ceremony then headed to Barren Ridge Vineyards for their stunning reception.  I will say; I have quite a few 'favorite moments' of a Wedding day and this day hit them all. An emotional first look shared with her dad. Jaclyn's grandmother sharing in the special moments as she first put her dress on, brought to tears. Gorgeous trees and surroundings for pictures. Heartfelt first dances. Genuine laughter, dancing andddd hold up!! A surprise appearance by the JMU mascot, whaaaat!? These two met at JMU (so did Jaclyn's parents) so it was only fitting to have the DUKE DOG crash their Wedding, right! This surprise took the reception to a whole new level. So. Fun. I adored everything about this Fall dream of a Wedding. So thankful to have met these two and so thankful for the opportunity to capture their stunner of a Wedding day! You two are quite literally, perfect together! I had the joy of seeing my past bride and groom and dancing and joining in on the fun with my future bride and groom--it doesn't get much better/luckier than that!