You know how sometimes you just 'click' with people?! Well that's how it was with Ashley. I got the best vibe from her through emails-- emails turned into sweet texts and when we finally met; I fell in love with her heart and genuine personality. I was so excited to see her unique Wedding 'theme' and vision come to life, too! From their engagements I learned of their love of softball and baseball and how Drew continued his love for the game by making a career out of it, coaching! Ashley, being the amazing woman that she is, incorporated Drew's love by doing a 'vintage-baseball' themed Wedding--so fun, so perfect! So much of her heart was poured in to this day. Nearly everything was hand-crafted, hand-painted and created by Ashley.  The perfect muted color choices to keep things fresh and gorgeousss florals by Kelly Gish (she also went above and beyond and made the flower boxes for Ashley as well). When I arrived Ashley was just finishing up with her make up (by Kim Porter, who I just love!) and she was relaxed and ready!  A few minor hiccups of being unable to find her handwritten vows--always makes for a good story to laugh about later ;)   I checked on Drew who was rearing to go, looking oh so handsome in his vest and tie--I swept him away, set him up for their 'first look' and it was time to get the fun started!  Ashley could barely contain her tears as she walked up to see her soon to be husband. It was such a beautiful moment that I'm so happy they were able to experience and bask in before the hustle and bustle of their day continued. She was a vision and Drew was in awe of his beauty. He said 'aww babe' why are you crying?!' and gave her the biggest squeeze! (have I mentioned how much I love 'first looks' ;) ) From there we knocked all of their 'wedding party' pictures out in no time and Ashley had time to sneak away and finish writing those vows that never turned up :)

I can't rave more about how perfect this day was. There was never a time crunch, never a stressful moment--I needed to pinch myself! They allotted plenty of time for pictures, the ceremony was at the perfect time and the reception was hours of fun, dancing and entertainment.

Some of my favorite 'amazing moments' of the day included: Drew's grandfather 'married them'--talk about special!  Ashley and her father didn't share in the typical 'father\daughter' first dance--Ashley wrote a song and her and her father sang it together in lieu of a dance while her brother played the guitar, amazing! (there wasn't a dry eye in the house and it's safe to say, she's certainly a jack of all trades)  Next up; instead of the traditional cake and cake cutting, they hired their favorite Gelato Vendor! Strawberry Fields provided them with several flavors of gelato 'push-pops'! They were served towards the end of the evening and it was the perfect refresher and delectable treat! Lastly, this is my second time working with this family. Earlier in the year I had the honor and pleasure of capturing Drew's older brothers Wedding! It's so touching to not only be chosen once but TWICE by such a beautiful family. They truly have so much love for one another and it's such a fun dynamic and close knit group.  You get such a warm and comforting feeling when you're greeted by so many familiar faces, hugs and welcoming arms and I'm so thankful to have shared in this experience with all of them!

I also hear the world got even smaller--we were going for a family bike ride and I heard 'hey! you're the photo girl!'--turns out, Drew's parents live in our neighborhood :)  We might have to meet up for pizza or a park date ;) Ashley and Drew, I just love you both and couldn't be happier for you guys! Here's to many more photo ops and a lifelong friendship!

Special Thank  you to Jessica Ryan Photography for her second shooting skills!!