What can I say other than--stunning Wedding?!  As soon as I walked in to the hotel room and was greeted by the buzz of happy girls in bright, floral print robes and a giddy bride; I knew we were in for a great day.  April is just beautiful and radiates sunshine and Jeremy is handsome, humorous and head over heels for her. Perfect match. They had a wonderful ceremony and we were so thankful that their church made an exception to their rule and allowed us to use our stationary flash to capture their special vows and traditions (it makes such a huge difference!) Following the ceremony we had so so much time allotted for portraits, it was a dream come true! We traveled from the church to the Reception location where we were able to knock out all of their pictures with plenty of time to spare for every one to grab a cocktail and relax before intense party time!

The reception was a blast! It was a huge celebration; well over 200 guests all there to show their love and support and 'get downnnn'!  Our love, Roger Cruz from Astro never disappoints! Pair an awesome DJ up with people ready to party and you're sure to have a packed dance floor all night long! They didn't have an exit planned so our scheduled time to leave was earlier than the ending time and we were seriously so bummed to leave! Their day was absolutely amazing and I just love these two! Truly genuine, beautiful people. Thanks for having us along for the ride guys!!












While I was with the girls at the Hotel, Brian was with the guys at the church!  Loving the pictures he was able to capture with this fun group of guys--he seriously makes me so happy with his talent!