I know these two sweethearts from our good ol' ODU days--Go Monarchs! We wandered the campus for their engagement session last year and had the best time catching up and discussing all things Wedding! I couldn't wait for their big day to arrive! Everything took place in Glen Allen; as we drove we were in awe of the beauty surrounding us--pretty leaves and foliage every where we turned! I was more than excited to see what this day had in store for us--my favorite part; KILTS!  As a photographer, you always look forward to something fun and different to experience and 'kilts' were something we had yet to encounter; loved it!  It was so special to see the incorporation of Ross' heritage and what better way to honor his family! (apparently the saying is true, they don't wear anything underneath those bad boys--thankfully, I still can't say for sure ;) ) Amy was a vision, plain and simple. I just adored her lace 'jacket' and felt it was the most elegant, beautiful finishing touch to her perfect Wedding dress. She looked like she stepped out of a magazine when she walked down that aisle! It was such a gorgeous day and we were surrounded by rich Fall colors and drenched in sunshine.  They wrote their own vows which always tugs at the heartstrings and brings about some tears--everything was perfect! Following came time to cram in pictures before nightfall!  I knew Ross wasn't the biggest fan of pictures (that's why engagements are so important, to learn the ways of your couple with the camera :) ) but he was the best sport because he had love on his side; and a beer ;)

Time to get the party started!! We all got our share of tears in when Amy's sweeter than life dad gave a speech--he brought the laughs with his dance moves too, be sure to check that out at the end of this post :) It was so wonderful to see familiar faces in the crowd, the dance floor stayed packed , speeches were heartfelt and the food was delicious! I'm so happy that we were able to be a part of this FUN and oh so beautiful day! We love Amy and Ross and know they are meant for great things together! Thank you thank you!














 Ahh how cute is that husband of mine, getting 'detail shots' with the guys, I'm so proud  ;)

 Love their shirts, so fun!







 Gorgeousss Fall day!





 Ohh look at those perfect colors to match that perfect smile!!!


 Bagpipes! Yes!







In love with that sun and these two beauties!  I love when picture time winds up taking place at the 'golden hour' of yummy light!









 Amy, you're perfect!