These two are beach people through and through--they're adventurers, travelers, lovers of life and best friends. It was only appropriate that even in October, they'd celebrate their 'I do's' at a gorgeous Sandbridge beach house overlooking the ocean! Their day was intimate, surrounded by their closest friends and family--it suited them perfectly! When Brian and I left the house I was sweating bullets--I swear it was your typical Virginia weather, 80 in October. I arrived to giddy girls crackin crablegs (because that's totally normal ;) )  and eating steamed shrimp and sipping mimosas. The skies in the distance were a rumbling grey yet the forecast showed no rain in the future. Wind began whipping and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees--but chairs were still being placed outside, decor set up and fingers were crossed--these two were getting married outside to the sounds of the ocean!

Despite the crazy weather change, they shared a beautiful ceremony outdoors as planned. There were tears, laughter, heartfelt vows and a whole lot of love felt all around! We were able to knock out a few pictures and we just whole-heartedly dived in to that 'wind blown' look ;) Everyone was a great sport, even the girls who were freezing, and we were able to finish up quickly before celebrating the night away!

The reception was very low-key--everything was moved inside and people were able to mingle, chat and snack on cozy couches, dive in to delicious donuts and dance like nobody's watching ;) I truly feel that there's a great deal to be said about 'beach house' Weddings. It's always 100% about the couple, it's always casual, light and fun. They tend to be stress-free despite possible stresses thrown their way--it must be all that salt air; it can lift anyone's spirits :)

I was so happy to share in Stacey and Jason's Wedding day! They're so in love, so sweet together and they've already experienced so many wonderful things together leading up to this point--I can't wait to see where this next adventure takes them!