Our Tyler Hope|Delivery&Life!

Whelp, today was our Tyler Hope's official due date!! Its so so hard to believe that we've already gone through the nerve wracking process of the C-section and she's already become the center of our world!  In turn, she's given us the best two weeks of our life so far. Our hearts are full and we never thought we would ever be able to say that again. Are we healed? Are things perfect? Certainly not--but we are blissfully happy and overwhelmed with this new love and life that we have created and we are on the best possible path imaginable. Born at 20 1/2 inches; 6 lbs 15 ounces of perfection.

Back to the delivery--oddly enough, my water broke around 3:00 am Friday morning (I say oddly, because Aubri was born 4 days late and we were just expecting the same process and assumed the scheduled c-section would go off without a hitch!--though I swore she'd come early, Brian didn't believe me, hence why he was packing his bag and unloading the car as we walked out the door--Men.) Now the water breaking experience, not what I expected! Lets just say I thought I peed the bed; the actual truth of what was going on is much more fabulous ;) We arrived at the hospital a little after 4:00, we were admitted, checked (surprisingly enough, loved ones were able to make it in time) and she was born at 6:05 am! It was a whirlwind process to say the least! Despite my terrible time with my first delivery (which was the reason for the scheduled c-section--blood loss/hematoma/blood transfusions/two weeks hospital stay/catheter for a month--you name it, we dealt with it) aside from those complications, I'm SO thankful I was able to experience personally bringing Aubri, my angel, in to this world. C-sections are so very different--I was honestly terrified and shaking like a leaf, not knowing what to expect. It all happened in the blink of an eye and soon enough I heard the cries of our perfect girl, saw the look of surreal joy in my husbands eyes and I knew all was right with the world in that one single moment.  The recovery has been somewhat painful needless to say but a breeze compared to our past experiences--I'm getting much better and I no longer feel like I'm going to keel over with every laugh, cough or sneeze ;)

We are adjusting well and she is truly the best baby. As of right now, she never cries (aside from her sponge baths, not a fan yet--can't wait for that dang button to fall off) She is nursing so well and already surpassed her birth weight--time to chunk her up so we can kiss those perfect baby rolls! Now-she's probably the worst diaper changer in history--without fail, as soon as that diaper comes off, she ruins the fresh one resting under her--luckily its always good for a laugh in our house. She's our heaven on earth, the end.

We've had amazing support throughout all of this and we're so forever grateful for the wonderful people in our lives. Yes, you hear of a select few who have their ugliness to spread about us or their jabs to take but we are happy to say 'we don't have time to worry about who doesn't like us, we're too busy loving the people who love us.'  We know painstakingly well that life is entirely too short to sweat the small, unimportant things and that goes for people as well.  We've never been more thankful and we have such an appreciation and love for life that when its all said in done, we are blessed beyond belief. We will be taking April and May off from basic sessions however, we are looking forward to our busy Wedding season starting the end of this month! But now, baby girl has awoken--'work' can wait for a few and I'm going to feed our Tyler Hope and enjoy this unbelievably gorgeous weather with my favorite people in life! xoxo, The Macons

Andi Grant so graciously awoke and arrived to snag a few pictures at the hospital (while our perfect Zoe whipped up a bunny hat for our early Easter baby :) )


















Last week I finally hobbled around and snapped a few pictures of her finished nursery to share--I just love her happy room infused with the perfect touches of her sister, our beloved Aubri girl.












A few instagrams of our sweet loved ones visiting our perfect girl!! (wish I had them all!)