2013|Year in Review!

What a beautiful year it's been!! It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my first blog post with you all on my shiny new website--which just so happened to be my 2012 year in review! Time certainly does fly when you're having fun :) I can honestly say that this year has taught me so much--as a photographer,  as a business owner, as a mother, a wife and a friend. There's always something to learn, something to take with you in to the next year that you didn't know before. There's always room for improvement and a chance to leave your faults and failures behind. Close doors that need to be closed and take the proper steps towards opening new ones, better ones. Put an end to a chapter and begin again; this time with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart. As cliche' as it sounds, I feel it's so important to make New Years resolutions--but the key is to set them as attainable. Sure, I'm all for dreaming BIG but it's important to be realistic as well--don't set yourself up for failure from the start! (for a minor example: I want to eat better, be a healthier person in general--does that mean my resolution will be to give up carbs and all things I find delicious--hell no, I'd fail in the first week! BUT--eating out less, making a point to work out once or twice a week, get in to a routine--those are achievable/realistic goals and a great start to bettering myself!) Now, big things happened for us in 2013--along with the growth of our Husband and Wife team--we gained our perfect girl on March 29th! I could of course go on and on about being pregnant while working, having a C-section in the peak of  busy Wedding season (my fault entirely, we've chosen to accommodate our business to our family choices, not the other way around) running off to pump (TMI) during Weddings and my husband taking the reins and succeeding with flying colors--all things that were huge adjustments this year as a new mom but in reality--I'm no different than anyone else. Who doesn't work while pregnant? I don't know many to have that luxury. Who doesn't have to find means of childcare, leave their babies for work?! In reality, I've got it easy! So kudos to you 9-5,6,7:00 moms, you're my heroes and deserve a true high five and a few glasses of wine! (my choice would be beer ;) )

So, truly, I'm thankful. Thankful for this career that allows me to build my own schedule. Allows me to be the mother I want to be. Allows me to work with my husband, my best friend on earth. Allows me to work with amazing people, couples who are head over heels smitten with each other and they want US to capture their love. It's an honor and a dream come true with every weekend of fun that comes and every season that passes. Through sunshine and rain, cloudy days and high winds, sunsets and nightfall--each Wedding brought us a new experience; a new memory to store in our hearts forever. Each couple taught us something about ourselves and our business--enabled us to improve, grow and learn. They chose us and we chose them--a partnership made that we will always respect and cherish! Things may not have always gone as planned, weather may not have cooperated, things fell behind schedule, this detail was off and that bouquet was never dropped off--but the significance of the day remained; they married their soulmate in front of all of their loved ones and they had a freakin blast while doing it! We were able to be witness to the beauty (and chaos ;) ) of it all--to freeze it in time for years to come. Something as precious as a photograph, a moment captured (and get a few wobbles in in the process--snag a few photobooth pictures and most certainly, an instagram pic or two ;) )

THANK YOU friends of 2013!!! I cannot tell you how hard it was to go through these Weddings and choose a single favorite from each one--which goes to show you how unbelievably lucky we were to have such amazing couples that displayed so much love and beauty on their Wedding Day! We love you, from the bottom of our hearts!!! These Weddings have brought us to so many kind and beautiful people, amazing venues, breathtaking locations and we cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for our business, our travels and our family!! Thank you again, for sharing in our journey, supporting our dream and loving our family! YOU give us hope and light for a great NEW YEAR--bring it on!!!






























 And, one more for good luck! ;)

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Safe travels and love to you all! XOXO