Tyler's Two|Personal

Well, as most of you guys have seen, my baby girl turned TWO!! I'm still trying to process it. Truth be told, we've joked that she's been in her 'terrible two's' since one but just the idea of saying 'we have a two year old' blows my mind. I swear I blinked and the years have passed. If I think about it hard or for too long it makes me get all weepy and emotional so I'll just smile and love on my precious big girl and try to take it all in!
Life with Tyler, life with two babies, good lord is it a roller coaster! There is just no sugar coating it; it is H A R D. Well, at least for me it is. Tyler is in her 'testing' phase and tantrums can hit at any time, that's supeeer fun. Nash is still dealing with reflux so poor guy tends to have some hard times of discomfort and fussiness.  Thankfully he's been sleeping through the night since two months old; that's been our saving grace for sure!  There have been nights when both are crying simultaneously and Brian and I look at each other and we don't know whether to laugh or cry--ultimately we laugh (with a huge, 'holyyy shit' ;) ) and we sing our favorite tune 'it won't be like this for long'.  It gets us through; it reminds us of our past and when we're feeling defeated we remember to breathe.
But my Tyler, she is one of a kind. From uncontrollable laughter and kissing 'boo boo's' to giving hugs and kisses, she is simply beautiful inside and out. She is spunky, sassy and stubborn but boy is she sweet and I wouldn't have it any other way!  I remember crying the first time I was told that she pushed a fellow classmate, wondering 'where did I go wrong', terrified that I had the class bully (yes, I am a mess, but that's parenthood) aaaand apparently, that's toddler-hood, yikes! We have so many things to work on, experience, learn from. So much growing to do, together. She makes me want to be better, do better, appreciate more, love more, give more. Each day that I may struggle; I gain a different perspective, I gain strength. She is truly sunshine to my soul, even on our hardest of days.||Below are a few pictures I took prior to her Birthday--it took two attempts because in Toddler Tyler fashion, she was not having any of it the first day and her balloon pulled off the string one fit and two pictures in--oh life of a mother and a photographer. My sweetest husband knew I was sad and feeling defeated so he surprised me with another balloon and we went out for round two on the next sunshine filled day--it went a tad better ;) ||
We had the best time celebrating our babe amongst our beautiful family and friends! Birthdays are a huge deal to me as it's a blessing not all are granted. Some may call it 'over the top', but in my opinion nothing is too much when it comes to the people you love. Life should be celebrated, people should be celebrated! It's not about the 'things' or the 'presents', it's about the experience, it's about the people that show up. The people that put forth an effort to be a part of your life, your children's life. Good people can be few and far between, cherish them, hold on to them, treat them right. We're so so grateful for people like YOU who continue to support our family and give love freely. Kindness is free, let's spread it like wild fire!
Here's a little insight in to Tyler's 'Barnyard Bash'! Much like a Wedding day though, it went by in the blink of an eye. All the planning and prep and it's over, I hate that! I'm so thankful for my sweetest friend Cynthia for snapping some pictures throughout the duration of the party for us to cherish forever!

I hope you guys are getting as excited for Wedding season as I am! Maternity leave is over, warm weather is here to stay and I'll be in your face with a bunch of happy photos from here on out! Thank you again, for all of your support!
The Macons