Tyler Hope|Newborn Session!

We could not be more THRILLED with the FABULOUS job that Trisha Sheehan of Trisha Sheehan Photography did with our newborn session of our Tyler Hope!! She is by far the sweetest and most patient woman and her  passion and dedication shows through not only her work but during the lengthy process of the shoot.  She's an amazing photographer, a fabulous mother of FOUR beautiful children as well as a dedicated Military wife--she's nothing short of a success story. As not only a photographer but as a mother, I can't stress enough how important it is to invest in newborn pictures!! They change so quickly, every passing second they're growing, learning and adapting before your eyes. You so much as blink and the time is gone. Cherish those days, capture those memories--I promise you'll never regret the images you will have to forever remind you of their perfect little features and the peacefulness that you just brought in to this world. Be sure to plan ahead and contact your photographer in advance because these sessions must be booked and take place within the first 10 days of life (14 days tops)--much further past that you're unable to get these ever so sweet poses and have a precious sleeping baby (food coma :) ) You're then able to brainstorm and determine what you'd like to incorporate in the session! Trisha has a wall full of fabulous goodies and a wonderland of props!! The photographer in me of course; I had to bring full on decor and set  up entire scenes but that is of course optional ;)

The Scenes!

We decided on a classic scene, simple and timeless and my favorite lace was the perfect touch--my Aunt of Tidal Bay Collections created the adorable 'birdcage' headband! I can't wait to incorporate this sweetness at her Wedding one day :) The second scene I decided on was special because I've determined Tyler Hope is our 'sweet strawberry'; I just love the rustic yet precious vibe of it all! I ordered the traditional strawberry containers off of Etsy, added a little burlap to regular Jelly jars and my Aunt once again made the headband as well as the hand-painted strawberry sign in the background and 'WA-la!' Lastly, the 'all things sweetness' scene--this one has  sentimental value to it as we wanted to tie in our perfect Aubri angel. She was 'coined' my sweet cupcake and I craved donuts&cupcakes during my entire pregnancy (I did with Tyler as well which melted my heart, saddened me and comforted me all at the same time).  My Aunt once again contributed by creating the 'vintage/string banner' in the background and the antique silver trays which was a lovely touch if I do say so myself! My favorite Zoe Grant crocheted that amazing cupcake hat with sprinkles bringing everything together! 5 1/2 hours later, several nursing breaks, two blowouts on her pretty fabric and three scenes later we had ourselves a successful newborn session, worth every second of time and planning. I love these images more than words can say and I love our Tyler Hope with every ounce of my being. I'm so thankful for Trisha and I'm so thankful for Zoe who gifted this session to us! I'm forever grateful for those who made it happen and we will forever cherish these images of our 9 day old piece of heaven on earth. Don't ever hesitate when it comes to newborn pictures, the end of my novel :) Happy Tuesday my dears!! xoxo, The Macons