My Valentines|Personal

Ok, so all of you know by now, I love any and all Holidays. I'm obsessed with any reason to be 'festive', to decorate the house, make happy treats, to go all out and most importantly--show LOVE to my family and friends! (and lets be honest, buy an overload of adorable outfits for my littlest Valentine)  To an extent, I feel like Valentine's Day is a silly Holiday because of how commercialized it is--all this pressure is put on every guy in the world to come up with some extravagant gift, a romantic surprise and to be obnoxiously lovey-dovey for this one day--personally, I'd prefer small acts of love, every day. I'd prefer kind gestures from the heart, not because a calendar date and Holiday says it's necessary. Furthermore, while I'm busting Mr. Cupids chops--it breaks my heart that so many are made to feel 'lonely' on this day. Single people dread it like the plague and I ask, why?! Why does it have to be about love between a significant other? Hell, I still get a gift from my parents and they will always be my sweet Valentines! But Cupid, you're off the hook, because I'm a sucker for all things L O V E and I'm a firm believer of making a big deal out of  the littlest of things--Valentines Day, you're a little guy on the Holiday totem pole in my book but I choose to love and embrace you. I have the sweetest people on earth in my life and the best 'Valentines' a girl could ever hope for and for that, I'm thankful!  (ALSO; February is Heart Health Month, that's a huge deal!!)

What better way to signify a Holiday, why a mini photo shoot of course :) When I say mini, I mean miniature.  It was super last minute; Zoe and I had been mentioning for days that we needed to get on the ball and document this time with Tyler but as usual, life gets in the way! My morning had started off rough, Tyler has had the 'funk' for several days which has her all out of sorts. I was mad at myself for letting non-sense get to me from things ugly people from my past had apparently said involving my family (you can talk about me, you can dislike me all you want but don't ever discuss my family, my children--mothers should know better).  Zoe came over, gave me the hug and kick in the butt I needed. Watched my baby girl while I enjoyed a nice shower (it's crazy the little things you take for granted like showering--I always giggle when she says 'go shower, I've got her, enjoy it! Put on some music, light a candle!).  It was a gloomy day and it was already 4:30 but we had just enough window light left to snap a few, to make memories with my girl. Brian wound up walking in during it--had no clue we were doing it but luckily he was off early that day; it was meant to be. He had contracted Tyler's funk and felt like absolute crap--Me being me, I said 'go throw on something festive and join us!' (oh and I'll get you some Tylenol ;) )  As miserable as he was, he obliged and as usual--some of my favorite images were created to date.  Small acts of love, every day.

Now personally, I'd take wild flowers over roses. French Fries and bacon over a box of chocolates and a beer over a fancy bottle of wine--my husband's got it easy ;)  Let's try to treat every day like it's Valentines Day and show love to one another, always.

(and remember that silly morning I had, it was wiped away with the realization of how minute one or two mean people are in the grand scheme of life and love--don't give anyone the power to ruin your day. Off my soap box ;)
















 My most perfect Angel Aubri. Why I'm so thankful I've always made a big deal out of the 'little' things--and have these pictures to cherish.