Moments with Sunday|Personal

I don't know why I always consider Sunday my favorite day of the week...some people hate it because it means the next day is Monday, the dreaded workday devil.  Sunday is our 'family' day, no matter what. We're so lucky to have most Saturdays filled with love and Weddings during busy season-- so to us, Sunday is sacred, a day to be enjoyed, together. It's funny, we never do anything crazy but it's always my favorite.  Being able to have our mornings together and watch Brian with Tyler--and we typically cook a late brunch involving all things bacon. Golf is always on the television taking over my life (ugh) but that also means it's time for Tyler to take her nap on her daddy's chest. We go shopping and run errands together, go to the museum or to the park and typically get dinner with my parents so they can see their favorite girl (Tyler of course, not me ;) ) It's all so very simple but with out this sacred Sunday to collect our thoughts, count our blessings and cherish our time together, I'd truly be lost. Last week was a very rough week for us. I hope to one day be able to share with you all what's happened most recently because if we're able to be relate-able/helpful/hopeful to just one person, that's good enough for me--but I think I'm going to need a little bit of time to get my life in order again to make lemonade out of the recent shit lemons I've been given.  (as you know, I'm pretty much an open book with my life, I feel it's the best way to not only cope with things but also to express myself--and if I'm not doing it truthfully, there will be someone else there to do it and odds are it will be incorrect).  Life is far from perfect but you do the best you can. To this day I think of how 'unfair' life can be but that will never get me anywhere AND I can always think of people who have it worse, who have suffered the unimaginable and continue to--we continue to be blessed with love and happiness so it's time to put the big girl panties on (I hate the word panties but the word underwear just does not complete that line the same).  For now, we just enjoy our moments with Sundays and continue to be thankful for another day granted. It was a chilly day but the sun was shining and we were together as a family--another successful Sunday for the books. Happy Monday dears, lets start the week off on the right foot!