So, my last personal post was when I was 16-17 weeks and shared our Gender Reveal--which still seems surreal! I figured it was about time I shared another post as well as captured this belly which seems to be growing at an alarming rate ;) I always share photos on my instagram account (littlewhale3) but it's definitely necessary to break out the big boy cam and capture the family :)  My dear friend Cynthia, who is in the process of growing her photography bizz, Cynthia Tenney Photography  did me the honor of capturing a few of us and my husband snapped away as well (so thankful and I love you more than words!)! I just wanted something casual, something that didn't take a lot of planning and props. More often than not, I'm finding 'simplest' is best, especially when dealing with a toddler! I've learned NOTHING goes as planned, you just have to go with the flow, laugh at the chaos, hold on tight and enjoy the ride! Now, I chose Doumars for our shoot because I've loved this place since I was a little girl. I have such fond memories of visiting for fresh lime-aids and homemade icecream, heaven!  My parents (who grew up in Norfolk and were High school sweethearts) would go on dates there and eventually my grandparents would take me for trips growing up--soon I was going with my girlfriends and family after I cheered at Basketball games in college! I just love how every thing comes full circle. It was time for Tyler to have her 'first ice cream cone, I couldn't think of a better place :) It's not fancy, it's certainly not fine dining--but I love it.

A little update on our sweets: Our Tyler girl is in to everythinggg! I swear she has already embarked on her 'terrible two's and she just turned 16 months, lord help us! (over achiever ;) )  I'll never forget the day I told her 'no' and took my husbands toothbrush away that she was trying to shove in to our dogs mouth and she proceeded to scream (I'm not talking a whine, she was crying so loudly you would've thought someone was pulling out her eyelashes one by one haha) she then laid ON the floor and continued this tantrum. It was one of those displays you only see other parents kids doing and you think, damn, what in the world?! Yep, it was happening to me. I was shocked and appalled and so tempted to laugh in disbelief! Instead, I simply walked away and gave her minute, she eventually came around. She's certainly been testing us ever since. Tantrums and teething are a blur when it comes to her laughter and pure joy as she discovers new things. She is truly growing in to the most loving and kind hearted little girl,  it brings tears to my eyes just typing it. She waves at every person that walks by,  shines that toothy grin and tries to hug and kiss every little babe she meets. She's a ball full of energy, not a shy bone in her body and has never played the 'stranger danger' game which I'm so thankful for!

Beach days have become more of a running game than a day of relaxation. Dinner dates have become more of a shove it in and go, skip the dessert, check please! kind of night. Our living room is taken over by toys and has become more of a barricade than a Den to watch TV in.  Parenting is one of the most challenging things in the world, and I'm in love. I honestly feel it's what life is all about! I could not love this crazy little human being more. She literally changes every second of the day. I can't wait to see her in this 'big sister' role in about 14 weeks! (holy crap I need to get a move on with this nursery, time is flying!) She is so wonderful with little babes and as long as we continue to work on 'gentlllllleeeee' ;) I think this new transition will be one of beauty (and bumps of course) but I can't wait for the beauty of our family growing.

My husband taunts me with the fact that after this baby boy, we're done-- (I'd die! I can't imagine never being able to experience pregnancy and the miracle of life again!) I say that now, as I've yet to experience life with two babies--so I'll keep you posted ;) In the meantime, while I deal with his crazy, realistic views--I've vowed to make him take more 'bump pictures' and capture this pregnancy to the fullest, justttt in case :) So I apologize in advance if I bombard you all!

As always, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for ALL of the kind words  and support, I don't know what I would do without you guys!!

All my love, The Macons!


A super sweet woman reached out to me--as she recently started her Etsy shop, and she offered to create an outfit of my choosing for my Tyler girl! I chose the fabrics and she handmade this beauty and shipped it to me in a week! It's absolutely adorable and I'm so so thankful! Everyone check her out, she's wonderfully talented!  TheLittleLadyLane !











 24 Weeks with my Mister Nash Riley Macon!















My obsession with simplicity carried in to this two second session we had in our bedroom one morning--thanks to pretty window light and a new, fluffy white, heavenly down comforter :) Thanks for the shots honey, I'm in love!