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I love fashion, I love babies.  I love fellow MOMS that are grinding it out, chasing their dreams. And whatta ya know, I love photographhyyyy! It's only a win win win win when you get to put all those things together. Tara, new owner of the shop Le Mew Baby, reached out to me and I was so excited to work with her! She's a fellow momma of two so needless to say we share the same 'holy craps' and 'dear lords' and 'what now's' aaaand the 'i love you so much it hurts' moments.  With the launch of her new shop she's getting in a lot of fun and fabulous new styles and brands and I'm so excited for her and the progression of this bizz! If you feel like gettin your shop on; enjoy 20% off by using the code littlewhale20 with your purchase!! Code set to expire by Sunday 11:59p cst. I love shopping//but shopping small feels even better knowing I'm helping support a family and dream. Just like you all support MY family and dreams just by viewing this blog or following along with my insta!  www.lemewbaby.com

Tyler Hope, freshly THREE and sassy as can be. Lord help us.

|Wanna collab: bklin003@gmail.com|