So as some of you may notice, I don't do 'personal' blog posts often--there are a few reasons why...One being, it's time consuming! It definitely takes awhile to put together a 'legit' blog post that isn't filled with rambling and nonsense (so huge props to you intense style/life bloggers out there!) Two, playing off of number one--I have a random hour to two hours where Tyler naps and that is my golden hour where I'm supposed to get to emails/messages/editing/blogging etc.--that's not a lot of time ya'll! I feel like that time is better spent tackling my ginormous workload; I'd feel so guilty posting something about me and my life when I have brides wondering hey, where are my pictures?! Thankfully I work with such an amazing group of people, they're so very understanding and with the short time I have to work during the day--I still get clients their images in an extremely timely manner, something I don't talk too much about but have always been proud of! (the working until 3 am every night while baby sleeps may have something to do with that--something I'm working very hard to adjust and better--but you gotta do what ya gotta do right!) Lastly, I try to save blog posts for the big stuff--Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays--because in reality I think, who really wants to hear all about us anyway? Haha (so if you've made it this far, thank you!) I have had people message me requesting more 'personal' blog posts and I'd love to, so just tell me what you'd like to hear and I'll do my best! Now, to the point of this bad boy! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I never even posted our Family 'Halloween' session!  Shameful! But it's life;  jam packed, emotional filled, busy bees just trying to make it day to day! We've been blessed with such a busy season, so many wonderful people who have been brought in to our lives and will stay, forever! It's a pretty good trade if I do say so myself.  However, I'm lucky if I find time to shower let alone go to the bathroom by myself (mom's you get it--I just assume hold her than hear her cry even if it means while I pop a squat ;) )  It seems only fitting that the end of November I share our Halloween photos and if I'm lucky, our Christmas photos will be posted in January ;)

Now this session, I'm pretty sure Brian was mad at me or irritated with me for whatever reason--probably worked all day then I nagged him that 'we have to get our pumpkins' ! 'I have to decorate!'  'We need Tyler's 'First Halloween' pictures!  It ain't always easy being married to a photographer I suppose ;)   I'll find humor in looking back knowing Brian was being a pain (but then apologized and thanked me for doing it, of course, ahem). I'll look back at these pictures and kick myself for asking 'do I look fat in these jeans' because I surely can't bend in them! (why do girls beat themselves up so much?!) I'll laugh at the memories of Tyler being far more interested in the hay, the obnoxious hat on her head and chewing off the candy corn applique on her jumper, than looking at the camera. Our life is far from perfect, our family is far from perfect--I'd lean a little bit more towards 'broken' honestly--but looking back at these pictures I will remember this day as perfect even though it was far from it. We were together. Which brings me to what I'm thankful for--in honor of Thanksgiving next week, I can't think of a more fitting thing to discuss :)

In the hustle and bustle of life it seems every one is so anxious to get to 'the next great thing', the next 'big' thing, that we tend to forget the little things in between! I find that this unfortunately happens with Thanksgiving--which in my opinion is the one thing you should never forget! It's not just about stuffing your face until you pass out on the couch with your pants unzipped. It's about family, friends, loved ones and being THANKFUL for all that you are blessed to have! Everyone is always so excited for Halloween and dressing up and then before Halloween passes the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and shopping must haves--somewhere along the way, Thanksgiving is forgotten in the chaos. Everyone is so quick to toss out their pumpkins and throw up the Christmas lights (don't get me wrong, I'm Holiday OBSESSED and can't wait to 'trim' those trees) but sometimes life needs a pause button and a reality check. Appreciate the blessings that come with each day--hell, appreciate the fact you're given another day! Embrace your annoying family members that you have to share a table with, tune in to that obnoxious football game blaring in the background, play with the kids that are running around knocking all the decorations over. Kiss your Grandma if you're lucky enough to have one, help your mom with the dishes, eat your hearts out, laugh till it hurts and take a minute to remember how lucky you are to be together and why we have this 'holiday' to begin with.


First and foremost--I'm thankful for FAMILY. Without them, I'd have nothing and I'd be nothing. They come first above all else and they have never not known that. I may not be great at everything and I may slip from time to time, but one thing can be said for sure, I love with my whole heart.  I always tell them I love them and I mean it. I hug them, I kiss them, I hold them, I pray for them, I appreciate them, I fear for them. They're my life line. I'm thankful for my time with them, every day. Sometimes I get lost in my business, my workload and life in general but in one split second I'm reminded of what is most important and I do everything I can to get back to that reality. Family is my everything.

I'm thankful for my FRIENDS. I have many acquaintances in life and several various groups of 'friends' thanks to the lovely industry I work in, High School and College-I can honestly say I'm nice to everyone unless you've given me a reason not to be.  Growing up I found it very hard to stand my ground, to stand up for myself. I'm not like that anymore. If you hurt my friends, if you hurt me--you're just not meant to be in my life, plain and simple. Life is just too damn short to waste your time on petty nonsense, gossip, he said/she said jabs and ugliness. I don't feel the need to drag things out, bring others down--Karma will come.  I cherish my true friends and am blessed with the best group of people you could ever meet. They are all so beautiful on the inside, where it counts. They would do anything and everything for anyone.  A majority of them are teachers with hearts of gold, two work for CHKD making a difference--I could not be more proud of the group of women I surround myself with.  They say once you've been friends for seven years, you'll be friends for a lifetime. I'm thankful for my lifelong friends. (I have another blog post that is long overdue that includes our ' 7 bestie brides' shoot--I'll share a sneak peek picture of whats to come for that post :) )

I'm thankful for our little BUSINESS! Starting out I remember being terrified to share my work--I put off creating a 'business fan-page' for months! That would make it too 'real'. What if I sucked? What if I failed? What if no one ever booked me? Was my skin thick enough for the snide remarks from others? Could I take the judging and critiquing from my peers? SO many fears, so many what ifs! I just kept telling myself, you have to start somewhere. Everyone was 'new' at one point, everyone had their own 'beginning'--you can't live with regrets, only lessons learned, so here goes nothing!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be where we are today.  My dreams have honestly come true and this is the best 'job' I could ever hope for.  I went from serving, waiting on tables every day until the wee hours of the morning to capturing people's most cherished moments in life. It's surreal to say the least.  Sure, I've hit many bumps along the way--the learning process never ends and the fear of failure never really subsides but that's just part of the beauty.

I try to limit myself to 30-35 Weddings a year to allow the proper amount of time for my family, which will always come first. (just writing that sentence makes me want to pinch  myself along with punch myself in the face for sounding like an ass) You mean 30-35 couples are actually interested in the Macon's?!  How have we come to this point?! The fact that we are even in demand will always be humbling. Truth be told, I don't just take on any couple. I want them to match our personalities, to mesh with us, appreciate our style and love for pictures.  I'm all for 'candids' but the reality of my style and what my vision is for your Wedding Day 'story' involves 'posing' as well. Unfortunately this doesn't work for everyone so I feel it's only fair to be upfront if I don't think it will work between us. I would not feel right taking your money, standing by your side on your most important day, if we didn't share the same views when it comes to portraits and coverage. Another truth:  I don't take Wedding's on my Birthday, my husbands Birthday or my daughter's Birthdays--not because I don't love my job but because I love my Family and they deserve to know they come first. I take Birthday's very seriously ( we have Birthday Month's, lets be honest) not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate one Birthday to the next so it's a BIG deal and deserves to be treated in such a way.

Back to business (holy ADD, now you see why I don't write blogs?!). I'm constantly asked to teach 'workshops' and to mentor (insert pinching and mind blown, yet again). You want to learn from me? Good grief what would/could I ever teach? It's not to say I've never thought of this side of the business and truly do hope to venture in that direction one day--here is the big 'BUT'. I feel it is so very important to invest my time in learning the appropriate tools/techniques/methods before passing on my 'knowledge'. It's not because I don't want to help others--ask anyone, if you've messaged me with a question and I've received it, I've done everything I can to answer it to the best of my abilities! (if your message was lost in the cyber abyss and I didn't respond, I do hope you'd try again, unfortunately it happens!) Truth be told, I have a terrible 'work flow'. My crappy little method of editing/blogging/email responses works for me now, but it's certainly sub par and I hope to improve that over time--admitting is the first step right ;) Honestly, technology is just not my thing. I'm a hands on learner and a hands on teacher, plain and simple. I am excited to say that I've been collaborating with certain colleagues/friends about hosting a workshop in the near future--I'd teach what I feel I'm strongest at and they would teach the back end/production/technical side of things. It's a win win and you'd get the best of both worlds (hell, I may listen in on the other lessons for some helpful knowledge ;) ) I'll never stop trying to improve and better myself along with my business. I'm thankful for what we have been able to establish and it's all because of YOU GUYS that we are here today! So more than anything, I'm thankful for my clients, fans, friends and colleagues that have come with this Business I adore!

Last but not least--I know I said I'm thankful for 'Family' and these people are my family, but they deserve a more specific 'shout out' if you will. I'm thankful for my husband. He loves me no matter how big of a nagging pain I can be. He loves me on my worst days and my best days. He lifts me up when I need it most, he calms me down, he puts me in check, he laughs with me and he cries with me. He's my best friend. We have had our share of bad times but those good times make it all so worth it.  I'm thankful for Zoe Grant. I've never met a person with a bigger heart or a sweeter soul.  She is always there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, a person to confide in. We watch our 'shows' until all hours of the night laughing at god knows what and loving with everything we have. Because of her, I'm able to go to all of my sessions--she watches Tyler for me and there is no one on earth I'd trust more (and the list is minimal for people I'd allow, so we're beyond lucky to have her) She loves my daughter with every ounce of her heart. She loves her like she's her own. I'm so very thankful for that. The smile on her face when she sees Tyler lights up the room. She's genuine, honest and true. She's just 'good people.' Lastly, I'm thankful for my daughter, Tyler. She saved my life in every way. I know for a fact I never would have been pulled from the depths of my despair if I didn't learn that I was pregnant, find out that we were having another perfect girl and had been graced with such a happy, healthy, beautiful child.  She may keep me up until all hours, she may be teething, she may have an insane and inhumane 'baby strength' that rips out my hair and pinches every part of my body.  She may have learned to wine when she's not 'getting her way'--but she has a smile that melts my heart, eyes that calm me, a heart that gives me meaning and a love that gives me purpose. She is my hope, my good luck charm and the best thing I've ever done in life. I miss her when she's two feet away. Time has flown by way too quickly but I'm thankful for just that, time, with her. I'm thankful for her every second of the day.


End novel. I truly apologize for my scatterbrained way of thinking and writing and if you've made it this far, I'm thankful ;) What are you thankful for?!










 The cutest kitty cat you've ever seeeeeen!









 Our second pumpkin patch of the night, I take pumpkin pickin' verrrry seriously! No wonder my husband's patience are tested ;)


 I like em big! ;)

 Big girl being weighed--chubbier than any pumpkin! She would've cost a whopping $25 bucks!



 Little Tyler's appearance wasn't planned--oh how I wish I had thought of this beforehand and had her in a perfect white dress :)