25 Truths


I've seen these '20 facts' and/or '25 Truths' things floating around and have always been inspired by them--I wondered what I'd say, if I even had 25 truths. I'm not one to typically do these things but I must say, I enjoyed the thoughtful process! Here goes nothing! Lengthy nonsense--I should have also added I'm super ADD (self diagnosed of course ;) )  and my mind wanders.

1. Music is a favorite of mine-- I have extremely eclectic taste however. I mean, random as can be. Obsessed with songs that can so easily bring back a memory like it was yesterday. A song can brighten your day, bring tears to your eyes or peace to your soul. To name a few favs: Elvis Presley and Tom Jones, Billy Joel, to Bright Eyes, Lucero, Circa Survive, Fleetwood Mac, Hooootiiiie, Old School Mariah Carey (yes), Kings of Leon, Ben Harper, Tegan and Sara, Dustin Kensrue, The Format, Regina Spektor ahhhh too many 2.  I'm stubborn as an ox. (I get it from my Dad) I can give a mean argument and am just fine giving the cold shoulder. An asshole and I hate that about myself. 3. In relation to the above, I also forgive easily (my friends say, too easily) I just figure, life's too short, why hold a grudge, why have unnecessary enemies? If I see you as a good person, I can typically see past whatever has happened and move on.  Although, I feel sometimes people just drift apart, not everyone's meant to be friends and that's ok. (Crazies excluded, ain't nobody got time for that) 4. My biggest fear in life is anything to do with vomit. I haven't thrown up since I was 8 years old--not with college/drinking/hangovers/sickness--nothing. I think I've been so traumatized or am so afraid, my body physically won't allow it. Literally every time I sit at a restaurant, the fear of food poisoning crosses my mind, its super annoying. 5. I went through a phase of thinking smoking cigarettes was 'cool'--the cliche' porch smoking days with friends in college. Now I cringe at the thought. 6. Looking back, I hated High School. Clicks, mean girls and math, what's to like? I mean yes, I had my great group of friends, I cheered and played soccer, but it's by no means a time that I'd think--'those were the days'.  I loved College and that's where I found my niche' and my lifelong friends. (and would go back in a second) 7. I've had my heart broken once by a boy. (I think that's necessary in life, but damn did it suck at the time) He cheated on me (who knows how many times in the grand scheme of things) I stupidly went back.  In the end, we both hurt each other an incessant amount. Learn from me, once a cheater always a cheater. If he cheats on you he'll cheat on the next girl. Its a vicious cycle and I wish I had been stronger at the time. 8. In relation to cheating--I've since struggled with extreme insecurities dealing with weight as well as trust issues. I wondered 'why wasn't I good enough' --the usual 'I'm fat' and all that jazz. From the outside looking in you may say thats silly (I know I'm not obese haha)  but everyone's their own worst critic, everyone has things they don't like about themselves. From cheering at ODU, failing 'weight requirements'  and told to lose weight in order to wear a certain uniform- complexes start to build. I've gotten better over time--my only sadness is that Brian has had to deal with issues when all he's ever done is love me unconditionally. 9. Playing on 8.--I LOVE FOOOOOOOD!!!  I eat like a man, I never have leftovers. I love any and every carb. Any form of potatoes, pastas, rice, donuts, cupcakes--I love it all!  I don't know how I'm not 500 lbs yet, so for now I"m thankful that I can fulfill my love of food by stuffing my face incessantly. LIfe's too short to eat like a rabbit, I'd be pissed if I died tomorrow and didn't eat something delicious. 10. I can go a week without washing my hair--throw some baby powder in there, extra texture. Perfection. Some see it as gross, I see it as a talent. I despise blow drying my hair. 11.  I'm terrified of losing the people I love (No wonder) but its always been an extreme fear. My parents, friends, husband--everything. Whenever they walk out the door, I'm afraid. Too much bad shit happens. I never get off the phone without saying 'I love you' or 'drive safe'. Every night when I go to bed I'm afraid everything will be changed in the morning. Its exhausting. 12.  I'm a bargain shopper--I'll easily spend $100-$500 whatever on Brian, on anyone but when it comes to myself, I'll resist $100 dress in a department store and think of the 20 items I could get for $100 at TJ Maxx. I love digging for treasures, thrifting and finding deals. 13. I've seen every episode of Law&Order SVU at least 5 times. Its always on. We watched it on our honeymoon--I'm surprised he brought me back home with him. 14. I have an older brother. We used to be very close and I've always looked up to him. I haven't seen him in over a year. Neither have my parents. He's never met Tyler and only met Aubri a handful of times. It breaks my heart every day. More than anything my heart aches for my mom. 15. I have the best parents in the world. I'm obsessed with them and can't stand to let a week go by without seeing them. We talk every day. My mom is truly my best friend and I will forever be Daddy's little girl. 16. I'm a klutz through and through. I've had stitches 3 or 4 times and I've knocked my two front teeth out twice--my two front teeth are porcelain veneers. 17. I'm terrible with directions--literally turned around and lost in my own neighborhood. I constantly have to call my mom or Brian for directions--can never explain where I am and then get mad when they can't help me. 18. I never know how to react and am always mind boggled when people tell me 'you're an inspiration' or 'you're so strong'. Truth is, I've never felt weaker or more helpless. I'm able to go on with my days because your mind won't let you accept the unimaginable.  I appreciate the kindness, but never know how to take it. 19. I think pot should be legalized (no I'm not a stoner). I feel the affects of alcohol are much more dangerous/deadly. Medicinally, marijuana has extreme benefits (I like documentaries). 20. I google EVERYTHING.  It's an amazing tool, use it. 21. My first job ever was at a Sonic Drive-In 22. I've had THREE Volkswagen Bugs--the first was brand new and I totaled it in two weeks, the second my ex boyfriend totaled--the third lasted through college, thank goodness. For whatever reason, I assume because I was never injured, my parents saw them as the safest vehicle and kept buying it. Thank God for insurance. 23.I can't remember any of my childhood. My mom always jokes saying 'well I'm glad I put so much time and effort in to making it great!' 24. I bought my first Wedding dress offline--ordered it from China and took my measurements myself. Needless to say It did NOT fit, no returns and thus became the most expensive Halloween Costume ever.

25. I'm by no means OCD (if I were then maybe my house would be cleaner) but I have a weird thing with my lucky number, 3. When I pump gas, it has to end in the number 3. I have to kiss Brian 3 times goodnight/good morning etc. He teases me only kissing me twice and I give him a look and make him give me a third kiss. It's going to really bother me that this is number 25. and not number 3. Bonus for Good luck:  Being married to my best friend and creating children with him, the two best girls, and hopefully many more--will always be my greatest accomplishment in life.

If you made it through my babbling nonsense--thanks for reading!