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Hello hello and HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!  So, as you may have come to notice; I don't stay on top of blogging when it comes to my personal life. Business/sessions, I'm on top of it, family, not so much. Let's just say that's a goal for 2016! In all honesty; the adjustment from one to two kids was not easy, at least not for me. Something had to give when it came to 'business' and that just so happened to be my time for blogging. Where are my moms at out there? If you know babies, you know they only nap for a short period of time a day, if you're lucky and your kid still naps. That means my two hour window (if the nap Gods align and I get both babes down around the same time) then I have to edit, answer emails, blog, clean (who am I kidding, that never happens), eat etc. allll in that tiny little window. Balls dropped, for sure. We're getting better though! With Tyler and Nash being 20 months a part the first 6 months were reallll intense. Tyler didn't really understand what was going on and couldn't fully communicate/voice her needs\\thankfully I feel we've taken a turn for the better and she's decided she loves her brother and we are in fact, allowed to keep him. It's been such a joy to watch their relationship grow! We still deal with some shoving and we're working hard on our 'sharing' (my work, my space, miiiiiine--ok Tyler we get it, lifes tough)  BUT, now that Nash is walking, running and playing she's starting to see him more as a person, a friend, a BROTHER and we're having lots of fun; sheww, only took a year haha!

The differences in these two tiny people that both came from us are so astronomical--and not just appearance; which I find to be so crazy and interesting! Tyler is miss independent, stubborn and sweet. She's strong willed and so so smart and hilarious. She gives love on her terms and we eat it up. Nash is sweet as pie, always. He's a lover and a mommas boy 100%. He walks over to give kisses and hugs and plops down in my lap and my heart melts. I'm so thankful for the balance and it's been such a joy to watch these two evolve and grow, together!

My hopes for the New Year; BE PRESENT! In all that I do. Be present with my family, when I'm with them, the phone needs to be down. When I'm driving, the phone needs to be down. (yes I'm guilty of this and I hate myself for it!) BALANCE; I've said it so many times but it's imperative to find balance! I find myself paying for sitters so I can edit when in all reality; shouldn't I be outsourcing more so I can spend time with my children? I'd say that would be worth every penny. I have a hard time relinquishing control, especially when it comes to my business and my work and quirks of doing things (all of which are probably the wrong way of doing things, but it works for me!) So, my goal for the New Year/winter break, figure out what will be best outsourced and gain back my freedom and time! Next goal, update this website of mine! Those pictures scrolling across on my homepage date back about 4 years ago and that's just sad and unacceptable! Oh and of course the usual, lose a couple pounds, eat better crap.

Annnnd lastly, for kicks and giggles. THE Most commonly asked question especially coming in to the New Year; are you guys done having kids?! Come on, what's one more?! HA! Don't you just love that, what's one more HUMAN BEING?! Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more! I adore being pregnant and there is nothing more thrilling or rewarding  (for me) than bringing another miracle in to this world.  BUT, as of right now, just getting out of the house is exhausting. Nash messing with the toilet, pulling plugs out of electrical outlets, throwing everything in the toilet. Tyler still eats chapstick and lotion. She is however, almost fully potty trained (if she'd ever comprehend that minor detail of poop belonging in the potty, too) Also, I was told with my last C-section that I would be considered extremely high risk carrying a fourth due to my uterus being so thin? Who knew. How does that one chick have like 20 kids and I can't have 4?! Anyways, as always, I'm rambling. We don't know what the future holds, we're just happy where we are in this life, in this moment. We've survived a lot and we've created a joy that's worth living. We have lots of hard days and we have lots of great days. I look at my kids and I get teary eyed, every day. I still can't believe we made them. I still can't believe I have a husband who puts up with me. 'yes honey, you can go golfing', he returns, 'ugh what took you so long?! what did I get to do today?!"  I'm a rollercoaster and he handles me well. He loves my crazy and he loves these babies.  That's all I can hope for for 2016! Continued good health, love and happiness! And balance! And being present! And growth! And maybe another baby ;) I kid, I kid. Now, prepare for the most obnoxious amount of pictures, I'm sorry, I love you.

|My Snow Angel|




 |Prep for the big Number TWO Birthday; March 29th|




 |Cynthia snapped some pics for us at our baby girls Second Birthday Party!|



 |Easter Egg disaster; I mean painting--while little brother naps. Thanks for the pictures Daddy!|





| Rainy Day Puddle Jumps and Mommy actually remembered we own a camera|




 |Hello Apparel Shoot By Zoe Grant|



 |First Family of FOUR Beach Session: By Zoe Grant|




















|Happy 6 Months my sweet baby boy! Buttercupping with my babes|




 |Halloween 2015| Biker babes and Winnie the Pooh and Friends\\talk about a stark contrast haha|






 |Cake Smash Disaster| Photographer kid problems\\Brian said I need to lower my expectations and get a grip haha! He cute tho|














|Nash's Woodland ONEderland Birthday\\We're so PLAID you came!| Thanks for the pictures, Cynthia!|



 |Delicious\Beautiful cookies thanks to Sullivan Bake House |found on Insta|         |Number ONE cake topper handmade by Tidal Bay Collections|

 |Wood Sign handmade by Tidal Bay Collections|









|Growth Chart Thanks to April of Paperdolls Design!|

 |Happy Thanksgiving 2015| Good health, Love and Family; What I'm most Thankful for|






 |Family Session number TWO of our Family of FOUR\\All our love and thanks to Zoe Grant, as always, for capturing these!| Downtown Norfolk Art District| It's getting harder and harder to wrangle these kids for a picture; huge thanks to our best friend Jenny for coming straight from work to help us out and control these kiddos (highly recommend ALWAYS bringing a friend or family member to help during family sessions; it's hard enough for a photog to get a picture in focus of moving kids but to get there attention, get them to smile annnnd snap away, huge feat. Help a sister out, you'll be glad you did! And, the likelihood of having more pictures with smiling children is a lot higher AND you have a minute to get a few of just the you and your husband/wife which is always necessary ;)|























 |I meannn, it's me, so you know I had to post this little cluster|

| Christmas 2015\\Tree Hunt! Clearly we forgot to break out the camera at Christmas\\aspirations for the upcoming year; remember I have a nice camera, not just an iPhone!|



As always; thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for following along on our crazy, chaotic journey of life and love. Thank you for supporting our family and our little business. Thank you for your kind words and comments--even if I'm not always able to respond; I read them and they mean so much to me.  YOU GUYS mean so much to me! This years goal; BLOG MORE so you aren't bombarded by a million pictures crammed in to a post highlighting an entire year of the Maconsss.

All my love and light to you all, Always