You may remember these two, beautiful sweetpeas from previous posts! I've been honored to have captured Anniversary sessions, 'just because' sessions, Holiday, 'baby announcement' and now their Maternity session (sadly, I was booked for their Wedding so we've been making up for it ;) ) They aren't clients, they're friends, more than friends. I love them with my whole heart and am so so excited for this new chapter that they're about to embark on! Life as they know it will be changing forever. It'll be challenging, scary, overwhelming, exciting and heartwarmingly beautiful and I'm honored to be able to share in this whole experience with them! If timing allows, I'll even be able to be in the delivery room with them to capture the second their world is made infinitely better for the rest of their lives. The second they become a family of three instead of two. I.can't.wait! (lord please don't let me pass out, I've only captured this one other time ;) ) For their session, we strolled the streets of downtown Portsmouth for a little something different than what we've done in the past. It was a quick shoot and to end it we decided there was nothing better than a few cheesy 'best friends' shots of the two preggos :) So my husband took over and captured her 34 week bump and my 22 week bump and our overly obnoxious happiness to be able to experience this beautiful journey, together!

My Tyler girl can't wait to meet her bestie, Tatum and her little brother Nash Riley! We may or may not have an arranged marriage on our hands ;) Love you both--and your beautiful hearts, more than you will ever know! Thank you for loving our girl, I can't wait to return the love to your perfect daughter in 6 weeks or less, ahhh!