First Landing|Ali+Jacob

These two are as kind as they are stunning.  I've had the honor of capturing Ali's sister and family for years and we've become great friends so when she contacted me I was thrilled at the opportunity. The whole family is pure gold. Ali and Jacob don't live here locally so I was humbled by the fact that they were willing to travel in for their session! They've been together for 6 years and I can't think of any better reason for pictures; to capture a beautiful love. They laughed, kept me laughing and we truly had the best time. I swear they should be models but I'll settle for just taking a million pictures of them any day of the week ;) Jacob's got mooooves ya'll! I mean, he's naturally sweet! The 'hair brushing away from Ali's face' move, all him, naturally, who does that?! Work it Ricoooo! Thank you for being so very kind, so very genuine, and so very wonderful to work with. I can only hope to capture your love again one day!! All my love to you both!!