Cynthia+Chris|Gender Reveal

Last week I had the honor of capturing my sweetest friends Gender Reveal!! I cannot tell you how much fun an experience like this is! The anticipation, the love and excitement--it's amazing! Brian and I went over for dinner and discussed the plans, I snagged the holy grail envelope that held their fate ;) I stole a peak because I'm like a small child and couldn't take it any longer-- it took everything in my power not to scream for joy (well I did upstairs, but composed myself before returning of course :) )  Boy OR girl I would have been thrilled for them because I honestly knew to them, it didn't matter--they just wanted a healthy baby, as it should be! Cynthia's guess was 'Boy' and Chris' guess was 'Girl'. Chris was the winner of the guessing game but I think it's safe to say they're both winners and they hit the jack pot--I cannot wait to spoil this little lady of love!! I can't wait to see these two as parents, I know they will be amazing in every way! Now lets get this show on the road, my Tyler girl needs her bestie already!!

 They wanted to kill me because I made them take a few 'regular pictures' before the reveal--just fiiiiiive more minutes guys ;)




 My favorite part--Cynthia was so consumed with trying to pop her balloon that she didn't even realize Chris already had--look at the pure bliss on his face; already a proud dad :)

 She finally caught on ;)







 The proud grandparents!!