The Dunlows|Family

As most of you know or have noticed, I have done away with family sessions, for the most part!  I learned my lesson last year when I overbooked and had problems saying no (I never want to turn anyone away, especially when they're referred to me or are fans of my work--it's such an honor!) I quickly learned though, with booking all of these family sessions, I no longer had a great option of dates available for my bride and grooms who needed to get their engagement sessions in and bridals, too! That wasn't fair to them and it also wasn't fair to my family--me dashing out every evening as soon as my husband walked through the door! So, for a better quality of life as well as the ability to provide better service to my Bride and grooms--I've taken on less family sessions (and truly appreciate the understanding! I do have great references!). With that being said, I also feel an extreme love and loyalty to past clients that have turned in to amazing friends--and I am still more than happy to do their sessions and am honored to watch their family grow and capture it!  It truly brings my heart such joy to see these babes change and mature over the years and I couldn't imagine missing out on these sessions!

Now, to this beautifulll family! They trusted me with their family pictures when I was just beginning--their perfect babes were barely ONE and seven, look at them now (nearly 5 and 11)! I can't get over it! They are by far, the sweetest, most loving children and I can only hope to one day be the parents that these two are and raise such wonderful, well mannered kids!  I admire them and their love in every way and am so thankful for their loyalty! I can only hope to continue to improve and for this business to continue to grow right along with this perfect family I adore. Thanks for being YOU, your hearts of gold shine bright! Love you guys!!