First Landing State Park| The Washington Family

I don't even know where to begin for this session! It started out as a maternity/family session--Ally emailed me and was just the sweetest thing and I couldn't wait to meet her and that perfect bump. Ya know how you can just tell right off the bat when people are kind and good. That's these folks. She's due with her little girl any day now and she was just giddy for this session, as was I! THEEENNN, I received the BEST email from Tyler! He wanted to fill me in on his secret/goal of proposing at the session. He knows Ally well, let me tell you. He was just the sweetest thing with all his plans and concerns with making it the perfect night. I was up to date with the plan and couldn't wait for our toes to hit the sand so it could be put into action! (those field shots seemed to take forever haha! I'm sure Tyler thought so too ;)) We wanted the beach crowds to clear out a tad, we wanted that warm loving light as the sun went down. The sitter that they brought along with them to help out with their precious son Graham was in on the plan. She casually placed the bottle with the 'will you marry MEEE' letter rolled up inside (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he proposed by using a legit  message in a bottle, stop it!!)  I snapped away as they walked along the shore line, laughing and loving. I came across the bottle, she took the bait. She thought it was the cutest thing and it still hadn't clicked. Tyler grabs the bottle and looks confused, says theirs actually a letter inside?! He pulls out the letter and hands it to Ally and the tears and smiles wouldn't quit as realization hit. Just as she finished reading his words, Tyler drops to one knee. I'm pretty sure at some point, she eventually said yes ;)

It was truly the most beautiful experience and I'm so very honored I was able to be a part of it all! To say they are thrilled would be an understatement. Such a beautiful family with so much excitement ahead!!! Thank you thank you for choosing me to capture this monumental time in your lives! All my love to you as you welcome your precious baby girl in to this world and plan your dreammm Wedding!! Ahh!