Brandi and I go wayyy back--I'm talking pre-husbands and babies. From beach days all day every day, too much to drink, laughter, love, ridiculous memories and silly girl fights. I'm so happy that through it all we found each other as better people, we grew together and we're now able to experience this amazing life together with all things husbands, babies and beauty. There's truly nothing better than someone who 'gets you' and understands what you're going through and the ability to experience the 'newness' of all things together. As you'll see, Brandi and Stephen have the sweetest little girl who will turn THREE in March (our Tyler turns TWO in march, ahh!) and they now have a beauuuutiful brand new baby BOY as of Christmas DAY, what are the odds?! Truly, the most precious gift you could ever receive, I don't think they'll ever be able to top this Christmas ;) Brandi is also in the Wedding world--she's an amazing Wedding Planner, check her out! Needless to say, we have quite a bit in common :) The clincher, we're now neighbors! Forget a phone call away, we're a walk away and I couldn't be happier about it. Now Brandi was 39 weeks when we did these pictures (trooper)--I offered to do pictures for her right before I had Nash but she kindly refused saying I already had too much on my plate and to relax before he came (easier said than done but I truly appreciated her consideration) Well, she still hadn't received pictures to document this time and she had mentioned how bummed she was about it--needless to say I couldn't have any of that. There was a reason that perfect baby hadn't come yet and I'm just so very happy we were able to squeeze in a quick session! Now that they're home and snuggling that precious babe, only a few days old--I know they're in heaven and experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. I'm over the moon for this new family of four. They're the kindest souls and deserve all the happiness in the world, love you guys so much!  Our double dates have just gotten exceptionally more chaotic ;)