Williamsburg Engagements|Darley+Brian

Darley and Brian live in Williamsburg so it only made sense to take full advantage of their beautiful surroundings and do their session there! My girlfriend Ashley (who is currently learning the ropes of photography and makes for the best company!) roadtripped it up with me for the day so we could beat the traffic and grab dinner and shoot together; perfect evening! You know what really made it perfect?! Darley and Brian. Joking about their facial expressions, struggle with photos, the location choices and timing--but none of it mattered, they were great and so was the session! Darley is a total planner and on top of things and Brian is go with the flow--but neither one of them take eachother too seriously; they're the perfect balance and the perfect pair! And Darley, those eyes!! Gorgeous. She has her little model face down pat ;) I had the best time with you guys and cannot wait for your gorgeous Wedding at the Signature in sweet July!