Seashore State Park|Va Beach Engagements|Alex+Zach

No, these two were not hired models. I repeat, they are not models. They're just ridiculously sweet and beautiful and have the cutest love story that's stood the test of time. They're a 'pinch me' couple and unicorns in today's world of love. High School sweethearts, which you knowww always get me (since my parents were) I just think it's such a beautiful and rare thing these days. People putting in work, having faith in eachother. The amount of memories together that they've already shared before they say their 'I do's' (the proms and ring dancesss and awkward phases of life, ahh!). The stories they'll be able to share with their children and grandchildren. Ok okayyy, I'm getting ahead of myself, but ya'll! Alex is also a fellow photographer so as some know, most photogs feel like fish out of water when it comes to actually being the ones IN FRONT of the camera--well at least that's what Alex claimed. Pshhh. So stunning. Both of them! Their loving gazes, the way their hands fell perfectly together, I can't ya'll! From trail walks, field twirling, Bay splashing and silhouettes at sunset this is definitely a favorite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I diiiiid!