Sandbridge Engagements|Chelsea+Evan

Let me start by saying how very thankful I am for our amazzzzzing clients/friends! I had a little ER incident that obviously came up unexpectedly after paying a visit to my OB. Thankfully everything was fine in the end BUT I did happen to have a session that evening and I was frantically trying to figure out a game plan amidst tests and doctors. I gave these two a few options and I'm so grateful for their kindness and patience! They chose to stick with the session scheduled and my fabulous husband/second shooter took the reigns! I'm so very proud of him and obviously he came home talking about how he had the best time because--duh, we have the best couples ever! First, they're gorgeous together. Secondly, they're so easy going, fun and flirty! And can we talk about Chelsea's killer legs and those shoes?! So fabulous. You guys are so perfect together, thanks for making my husband jobs a breeze and keeping the faith ;)

First and foremost, I'm so glad I had the pleasure of meeting these two for our consult and falling in love! AND, this go round Brian was able to meet them before the Wedding as well and I think it will make their perfect Wedding Day that much better this September! Things will always come up, that's life, but I'm forever grateful for team work makin the dream work and the best couples in the world that trust in us!