These two are absolutely beautiful, inside and out! They were truly like a breath of fresh air. So sweet, so in love, so easy to work with. I gave them several options as far as 'location ideas' for their session and it turns out, their family and friends reside in Chesapeake--so what better way to represent their love and engagements than random pit stops in the heart of where they met, grew up and fell in love?! They were all random little spots I've found in passing since I personally moved to Chesapeake and I was so happy they were up for my side of the road adventures!  A little wispy field action, weeping willow love and we ended on the beautiful Cahoon Golf Course (who knew my husbands new golf obsession would come in handy ;) ) These soulmates are currently living in Georgia so all of our conversation was based off email--I'm so thankful we were were given the opportunity to finally meet in person! It's safe to say it was like chatting with old friends as soon as we met, ya can't beat that :) I cannot wait for what I know will be a perfect Wedding on a beautiful May day next year! Thanks for being so wonderful guys, I hope your 'wedding weekend 'to do' list' before jet setting back was as enjoyable as possible!