Norfolk Engagements|Kelsey+Bobby

Ohhhh these sweet soulmates!! I knew these two were a different breed of love when I was receiving emails from BOTH Bobby and Kelsey. They just ooze giddiness, happiness; radiate joy and are so clearly thankful to have found one another. I knew from the second I heard from Bobby (as well as met him) that his sole purpose in life is to make sure that Kelsey never loses her smile. And trust me, when they're together, their smiles never fade. We had the best consult ever and laughed and chatted for hours over coffee and cake and we counted down the days until their engagement session! I just love their 'love story'. Their relationship was built on friendship first; best friends--talked about their dates with others, always looking out for each other, always there for each other. Somehow they were always led back to each other only to realize that what they had been searching for was right in front of them all along. They were meant to be! They've been living a fairy tale ever since!

They chose the Ghent area for the traditional cobblestone streets and the romantic Locks bridge. I love the colonial style homes and fence lines and though they claaaaiiim to be awkward; I think they're perfect. I'm sooo pumped for their Wedding this December! Oftentimes I feel winter Weddings can be passed up for that month of sunshine but I truly feel the winter months have such a rare beauty and there's so much GOOD and uniqueness that can be brought in to play! Bring on the gorgeous greenery and romantic glow!

You know I love you guys so much! Swap your cat out for a dog and we're twins/soulmates  ;)