These two cracked meee up!! We had been chatting via email for quite some time and I could tell Megan was my kind of girl--sarcastic and sweet, never takes life too seriously and knows how to have a good time ;) I couldn't wait to finally meet! We chose to do their session at Stoney's Produce because they still had a few Christmas trees left  which documented this special time/season as well as a variety of  fun 'junk'! What looks like piles of junk to most people are like havens to me--we had a blast just wandering through, stopping here and there where the light was dreamy or the spot seemed unique. These two were so fun to work with, so low key and easy going. We ended the session in their 'hunting gear' which cracked me up but it suits them perfectly, she had to make Matt happy too of course ;)  I just adore them both and cannot wait for their Wedding in the Spring!




































 aaaand lets let the real Megan shine through ;) her favorite thing is to make funny faces and embarrass Matt, gotta say I'm a fan haha