I seriously couldn't wait to blog these images of this couple--the sweetest, so giddy and so IN LOVE! Malina and Vinny came to my office to meet and I swear it was love at first sight; you know when you just click with people?! I loved hearing of their relationship and chatting about her plans for the Wedding--more than anything I'm glad I was available, it's going to be amazing! Malina met with me again to discuss outfits and locations for their engagement session (she came with Starbucks, a girl after my own heart) She was filled with fun ideas and most importantly, happiness. That's what this stuff is all about, making happy choices, having FUN--you're engaged! They definitely have made the best of this time; researched locations, chose perfect outfits and put their personalities in to the mix. I loved everything about our time together! These two make my job easy. They adore each other and they were workin' that camera! They even incorporated peaches and their signature cocktail for their Wedding, I love it! When it came time for the last part of their session, we headed towards the beach to catch that gorgeous sun that was setting fast--Malina said, 'oh my goodness I am just going to run in to your arms Vinny!' 'It's so beautiful!' I had to giggle at their pure, head over heels love for each other.  We got down to the beach and she did just that. The perfect end to a perfect Engagement Session. I cannot wait for their Wedding, I just love them to pieces!