Ohhh I just loved this session and loved these two!! We had the most beautiful day to match their beautiful love. After days of heat we lucked out with a sweet breeze and dreamy light. They're so fun, so genuine, so loving. Adam was such a great sport and such a trip and he 'nuzzled' like a champ! And get this, shocker! He even kissed her without me having to tell him to! Imagine that, kissing and making the best out of your engagement session! I think so often in front of the camera it's natural to freeze up or you feel like you have to be directed because these are 'very important pictures' when in reality; having fun, laughing, joking with each other, kissing without command, that's the good stuff! That's what great sessions are made of! Now I don't expect anyone to be a natural in front of the camera, all I ask is that you trust me and relax; these two babes did just that and I couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy these guys and their happy love as much as I did! Can't beat a sweet beach session :)