These two made the hike in from Alabama for their engagements! We were so worried about the skies dropping out during their session after they had just traveled such a long way--and were only in town until the following day--talk about stress! I'm so thankful that the rain held off until literally 5 minutes after we concluded the session--we both sent each other text messages with a raindrop covered windshield, bullet dodged, successful engagements behind us :) This was one of those 'small world' bookings, fellow Suffolkians :) When I met up with them to begin (at my ever favorite, Bergey's Breadbasket) Jason said, yeahhh I remember you, you were a senior when I was a freshmen in High School! Oh great, thanks for that step back in time, way to make a girl feel ollllld ;)

These two are the sweetest, cutest things you'd ever want to see and meet! I can't wait for their Wedding next year! They'll be getting married at the prettiest golf course (that I used to be a cart girl at, if you can believe) followed by a reception at the amazing Smithfield center--ahh can't wait!!

Thank you guys for traveling such a long way to work with me and thank you for being so wonderful!!