You know when you just 'click' with people?! It's just easy and fun, like you've been friends for years?! That's how it was when I first met with these two for their Wedding consult a few months back. Instant love and laughter! Needless to say, I couldn't wait for their engagements and I knew I was in for a good time. They didn't disappoint. I traveled in to Mathews, where they live--they had a few spots picked out that they loved and they wound up working out perfectly! Their Wedding location also happens to be in the same neighborhood so it was fun to scope out the area and see the beauty I'll be partaking in in just a few short weeks!! It's about a two hour drive for me so when I arrived they were offering me cocktails and were just so very gracious and kind, even offered me dinner, are you kidding me?! I couldn't wait to see the areas they chose and get started! Jeremy already had us rolling from the start. It was the hottest day ever, sweat dripping, bug spray flying yet somehow they were the perfect sports and we had the best time.  Turns out the location chosen was a full on fruit farm! Peaches, apples, grapevines--beauty and freshness everywhere! The next stop was Kelsey's parents backyard; yes, I'm jealous. We walked out to the docks overlooking the beautiful setting sun. We intended on just getting the feet wet and it turned in to fully committed--all in. Jeremy was so hot he said, why the hell not?! Kelsey had on the cutest scalloped white shorts and trumped through marsh and mud, I couldn't believe it! Anything for a picture ya'll ;)

So carefree, so fun loving. I seriously hit the jack pot with these two. As I was laughing from something Jeremy said I turned to Kelsey and said, 'you guys just have to have the best time, never a dull moment in sight'. That's what it's all about folks. I just love these two and am so excited for their Wedding, it's going to most certainly be the PARTY of all parties, I can't wait for their celebration of Love and 'I do's'!!