Katie!! I just adore her! Easily the cutest, sweetest, most genuine heart you'd ever want to meet! We grew up in the same circles, share quite a few of the same friends and I swear it was fate when we had our meeting and she asked if I'd be a part of her and Brandon's big day! Now, after a few reschedules due to rain we finallyyy got to get these engagements done! They took place on their beautiful property and we truly had the best, best time! Brandon is a trip, had me laughing from the start. I've come to realize I'm seriously in for it when it comes to their Wedding day; there is no doubt we're going to have a blast!

The final spot for their session was this biiiig tree that Katie envisioned just 'popping on up in' and snapping a few pictures--oh girl. I love you. This was an ordeal and a half to say the least. Let's just say it was a lot higher up than they thought, the tree branches were overgrown and in the way, the ladder was sketchy annnnd the sun had already set. The list of issues was endless but Katie knew what she wanted and I was determined to get at least one picture in that damn tree for her! The whole experience was hysterical and reminded me once again of why I love this 'job' and getting to work with such great people.

As if I didn't already love Katie--she maaade us a Lasagna! Literally gave me a lasagna and loaf of french bread to pop in the oven when I got home--to feed my family 'because I was away taking pictures'. I truly don't know how I luck out with such beautiful, kind people as clients/friends. I can't wait for your Wedding my dears!! Ps. the lasagna was deliciousss!