Sandbridge Engagements|Katie+Barrett

Ohh Katie and Barrett. One of a kind couple, two peas in a pod, hilarious and sweet as can be. As soon as you meet them you know they're a match made in heaven.  I fell in love with Katie the second I met her for our Wedding consult and I was so excited to finally meet her 'goofy' fiance she told me all about. Katie chose Back Bay/Sandbridge for their engagements--despite the session being pushed back a few times due to weather, we still lucked out with a mild day thankfully! One minor hiccup; they hit traffic/an accident coming in so that put us behind about 45 minutes. I was slighhhtttly worried we wouldn't have time to get a full session in but they arrived, hopped out and we got straight to business. Thankfully these two are the easiest, most fun loving things ever because we rocked out the session in half the time--outfit changes and all!

Barret made his faces, even fell down at one point (definitely a highlight) and Katie just laughed and they loved, together. Made my job a piece of cake. Did I mention Katie is stunning?! Barrett, you're pretty cute too ;)

I love your love and I love you guys!! Can't wait for your Wedding in April! Ahh, now it really will be here before we know it!!

Side note: Katie texted me telling me not to stress about rushing to edit her session because she knew we had a lot of Weddings on our plate with October and November (and she knows I have my babes) it was so relieving and refreshing to have someone be so kind and considerate. Thank you my dear, for being such a breath of fresh air!