I knew I loved Danielle just from her emails and she confirmed it when she walked in to my office with that love of hers--she's adorable and they're so incredibly sweet! She told me of how they met; in their teens while working at the Strawbridge movie theater,  Josh played his cards right and wound up sweeping her off her feet and the rest is history ;) He still runs in to snag a bucket of popcorn when Danielle is craving it for movie nights in, I love it! Knowing this little tid bit of info, it was only appropriate to snag a few pictures at the place where it all began! We started off at the beaches of Sandbridge, another place where they've spent many a day! We lucked out with gorgeous weather despite the call for rain and the gloomy clouds that were hanging out all day parted for a few minutes of perfect sunshine and I was able to snag my favorite sunflare--they of course are my favorite photos from the session ;)

These two couldn't stop kissing and loving on each other for a second which means they're on the right path in life and I scored big time--love them and cannot wait for the fun to continue!

Also, a special thank you to Danielle for being SO very thoughtful, she gave me a little 'thank you' gift at the end of their session, an adorablllle mug (I collect them) and a Starbucks gift card to further fuel my obsession, how did I get so lucky?!