All that glitters|Bling in Review

So the couples of course get their year in review, but what about the bling?! You can't have a year round up without showcasing some of that pretty sparkle and shine! It all starts with a circle of trust. They come in all shapes and sizes. Rose gold, sterling, gold, platinum. They're all beautiful because they were chosen by your soulmate. Handpicked for that one and only. Each ring tells a story and you know I love a good story. I hope you enjoy this years 'Bling in Review!' Ring shots will always be a favorite of mine! Tips for Brides; if you can remember! Try to have your engagement ring along with both bands available with your other 'details' for when your photographer arrives for your start of Wedding Day coverage!  Personally, I find it helps in the flow of 'telling your story' if we're able to knock out all of your prettiness/details in one sitting! (same light, same backgrounds etc.) Thank you to all those who entrusted us with their jewels and their hearts and their stories! AND a huge congrats to all those who are newly Engaged! You're in for a beautiful ride! Contact us if you're interested in the Macons sharing in your journey; we'd be honored! All packages are customizable so we can build to suit your individual needs; as each couple is different!